New update issued on 6/30/2015

Started by Engineer, Jul 06, 2015, 01:01:14 AM

New update issued on 6/30/2015 (Read 2,848 times)



So, i dunno if any of you noticed or not, but they just released an update for this game not too long ago... It's just a graphics update, but might be worth checking out (I haven't yet myself).

Corporal Hicks

I haven't noticed that. I'll give it a check tonight.  :)



So I just checked it out finally...

I didn't really notice any changes. Lol.

It did start to get really choppy at one point where a gas cloud lingered; probably because I was playing on an older model iPad.

I also noticed they added a "rec" feature so you can record gameplay clips and upload it to a site for others to view. I think you can add commentary too. This is kinda cool! Not sure when they added that feature though...

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