Can we use gifs as avatars here or not?

Started by Wolf Predator, Sep 05, 2007, 03:54:51 PM

Can we use gifs as avatars here or not? (Read 7,958 times)

Sgt.Torque Reikan

back on topic....

avpmad! uses a gif for his avatar how come he hasnt gotten in trouble yet

Private Hudson

I'm dumn and don't laugh at me, what does gif stand for?

The Chibi Kiriyama

Graphics Interchange Format, usually used for low-res clips from games or films or what have you in avatars or general images.

Private Hudson



seriosly though, a few members do have them, and they are sorta distracting. how come they still have them


admins can't be everywhere


maybe so, but there bound to see the active posters with gifs


I stopped caring about GIFs a long time ago.

I just can't even be bothered to message people about it anymore.

That's not an invitation for everybody to ignore the rules though.


maybe have a gif control officer?????

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