Thinking of buying this game. Is it any good?

Started by Corporal Harrison, Jan 26, 2008, 12:04:35 PM

Thinking of buying this game. Is it any good? (Read 5,705 times)

Corporal Harrison

yes i shall


This game was huge disappointment for me  :-[


i got it last friday played as the aliens first, found that fun, but the predators not so really and not played as marines yet :p


QuoteThinking of buying this game. Is it any good?
Yes. I love it.


im stuck on the second alien mission, i get loads of facehuggers to jump on the marines and then as im a close to the box on the map, i get raped by loads of marines  :-\

should i take the queen up with the aliens or just leave her at the back with a few guards?
even though she still gets killed


I play it on my 360


Its a good game if you like RTS, but it can be confusing. After i spent $45AU on it, and finished the Alien campaign (The most enjoyable for me) i thought the game was pretty boring, and a waste of money, its definitely a 'rent' game, but i wouldn't spend all that money for something that i would only play once. The Predator and Marine campaign for me were the most boring, but thats just me.


I bought it once, sold it.  I was like, "wow i want this back" one day.  I spent $25 on it without the original box and no manual.  Still worth it.  Perfectly simulates the Alien's lifecycle, the marine's were cool fighting aliens, but the pred part sucked ass.  They did have some cool preds though. 


Terrible game, but then again I'm not a fan of RTS games like this and Halo Wars.   

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