Having trouble with knocking down marines as a Pred

Started by BWHuntress, Feb 17, 2010, 06:37:23 AM

Having trouble with knocking down marines as a Pred (Read 515 times)


I've discovered there is apparently a way to focus 'leap' at a marine as a Predator and knock them down for a trophy kill.. I managed to do it a few times in the jungle level.  Having said that I cannot do it consistently, and was wondering what the exact method was.  Any help is appreciated!

Hive Tyrant

He probably doesn't even play on the PC, Haggan. Most of us here don't.

The method is holding down Focus, which is some button on your controller, or Shift if you DO play on the PC. Aim at your target (it will be marked by 4 arrows, IIRC) and click light attack. The Alien can do the same thing, but from a shorter distance. Your Focus leap range will increase if you are in the proper vision mode (heat-vision for Marines and other Predators, alien-vision for... well, you get it).


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