What future campaign(s) do you want?

Started by Inverse Effect, Sep 23, 2021, 01:28:54 AM

What future campaign(s) do you want? (Read 7,580 times)

judge death

Wish they made it possible like you say: more interactive campaign, chose where to go, different kind of missions to chose from and day to day changes that makes you want to play more and have proper rewards for it than: Oh you get another useless skin for weapon you never use or some weapon part that dont add anything to the pulse rifle I already maxed out and wont ever change for anything else.

Add movies to the campaign and a proper ending and intro FFS, feels uncomplete the game and its now 7 months old wtf.

-Add the classic pulse rifle, I want my grenade launcher.

-Single missions that gives you a challenge, and some story/movie as reward.

- A more tactical mode where as someone else said: you can order your troops around, tactical thinking and placement. My dream would be one player plays as commander and boss people around and make the plan and mission we will do, 1-2 smart gunners, bunch of normal marines and try to play tacticaly and smart and not f**k up: killing the civilians we want to save or worse.

-Brings me to my biggest hope but wont happen: while on campaign you can encounter lost marines that you can recruit and chose to have as companion on missions instead of Alpha and Beta, like in Aliens infestation. Please give us the charachter: Zoe, cutter, kennedy. Then I would play the game nonstop to find her, and the other marines :D Have them onboard the mothership and talk to them etc.

As its now: I dont see a single reason to play the game, done the campaign, have my weapons I like, all new classes and weapons they add dont interest me at all, or another horde mode that dont give me any fun experience, or immersion into the alien world.


I only asked for one campaign mission and they said campaign mission only have one of the things that I want from this game

A real boss battle, instead of mini bosses have yourself finding an alien queen and taking it down.

Yeah they can make her tough to kill but there are also some other ways to battle her

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