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William Gibson's Alien 3 (Read 115,483 times)


Quote-The Sulaco evacuating the crew withoute waking them up for permission or to try to stop fire before it gets too big.

The fire was in the cryogenic compoartment.  Waking the crew to ask permission would've lead to them being burned or exposed them to toxic fumes.

Quote-Bishop knows the company knows what's goin on the Sulaco and he knows the alien was with them all the way and he's not warning them? Then why he say that to Ripley if he was not involved to bring an egg on board?If it was the queen then why didn't he warn them before they go to cryo?

Bishop knew details of what happened to the ship by accessing the flight recorder.  He didn't know about an egg or Queen before that.




Yes Bishop knows from the flight recorder.I haven't seen the movie in years.

But if the Sulaco wake them  right at the moment when the facehugger attacking the tube they have time to stop fire and maybe they can take off the hugger from Newt/ Ripley.


There's 20 seconds between the alarms starting and the EEV launch.  Considering people generally aren't at their best when waking from hypersleep, they wouldn't be in the best shape to deal with a potentially lethal situation.



I've amended my previous post to add something about the 'Newt' seen in Alien3, which is my default view now.  ;D


Those two panels with screens at the bottom of the page don't have their text inserted yet.


Quote from: happypred on Apr 28, 2018, 04:37:10 AMIs this a comic adaptation of the wooden planet script?
Quote from: LiquidMonster on Apr 28, 2018, 02:07:20 PMI'm thinking this will end up being Neill Blomkamp's script treatment for #ALIEN5

No, it's going to be Gibson's story. I'd bet vital parts of my anatomy on the fact.

Not only was that how the idea was first presented when it was suggested by Fox last year, that teaser page, with the obvious condensation inside Bishop's cryotube, ties in perfectly with the opening of Gibson's script.

Denton Smalls

I'm gonna laugh so hard if this ends up being an adaptation of Aliens: CM.

Still Collating...

Lol, please no.  :laugh:
I've never read Gibson's script, so I'd love to see it in comic form. I've only heard about it. If it does well, I'd like to see then Ward's Wooden planet in comic form.

Denton Smalls

Read both versions if you get a chance because Gibson's 2nd draft is pretty different. Not sure which one I prefer...

Ward's wooden planetoid idea would be GREAT to see on the page. I'm hoping whatever this ends up being does really well so we'll get to see the Eric Red version with the weird hybrids and the big blob alien that engulfs everything.

On second thought, just Ward's vision.  :D


Red's script might be more palatable in comic form. A more cartoony art style that's self aware of how stupid and silly the script is might be fun.


Can't  say I've ever read any of the unused scripts. How does the Gibson script differ from the film?


Quote from: Ultramorph on Apr 30, 2018, 06:05:12 PM
Can't  say I've ever read any of the unused scripts. How does the Gibson script differ from the film?

-Hicks and Bishop the lead characters. Newt sent to Earth, Ripley in coma.
-Space commies and genetic experiments with alien DNA
-People transform into aliens, shenanigans ensue


Quote from: Ultramorph on Apr 30, 2018, 06:05:12 PMCan't  say I've ever read any of the unused scripts. How does the Gibson script differ from the film?

It's utterly different. Huge action extravaganza of Marines vs. Aliens on a giant space station, including a new strain of Alien that transforms out of people Thing-style.

He also did a second draft that had only a couple of Aliens in it and was much more horror-focused.

Not to shamelessly self-promote, but... here's the wiki's breakdown of it if you're interested.

Corporal Hicks

The second draft is much better and more restrained. If they had have gone forward and made a film I think the second would have been pretty great. They're all available to download from our downloads section.

Personally, I'd love to see adaptations of them - even Red's so I don't mind which particular version of Gibson's this might be. Just really happy it's happening.


Nice! I'm a lot more excited now.

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