AvPGalaxy Competition - Win NECA Predator Figures!

Started by Darkness, Jul 30, 2016, 05:27:38 PM

AvPGalaxy Competition - Win NECA Predator Figures! (Read 7,268 times)



Update: Competition is now over. The winners are markweatherill, David Withers and @AvP2015.

Today is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday! We couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate Dutch’s birthday than to give you all the chance to get your hands on some of NECA Toy’s brand new Predator figures!  Thanks to Retro & Collectables and their vast NECA Toys section, we're giving away the recently released NECA Predator figures from Series 15.

As before, this is a UK only competition. There are three ways to enter. One person on the forum will receive the Scar Predator, the Twitter winner will receive the Temple Guard and the Facebook winner will get the Ancient Warrior Predator. All you have to do is tell us what your favourite Predator was in the Alien vs Predator movie.

Forum Winner


Twitter Winner


Facebook Winner


Competition Question: Who was you favourite Predator in 2004’s Alien vs Predator movie?

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Members can reply to this news post/forum thread with your answer.
  2. Please share this facebook post with your friends and reply with your answer on there.
  3. Retweet this tweet and reply to it with your answer.

People can enter in either channel for bonus entries so a user can have a maximum of three entries. The three winners will be drawn randomly after the competition closes in a week. Many thanks to Retro & Collectables for partnering with us for another great competition. If you want to buy anything from them, you can use the promo code “avpgalaxy” at the checkout for 15% off their products. The promo code lasts for a week.

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is for people in the UK only.
  • AvPGalaxy site/forum staff are not eligible to enter.
  • No more than one entry via each channel is permitted.
  • The competition runs for one week and ends at the end 6th August 2016.
  • Winners will be drawn by random means.
  • Winners will be expected to provide their postal address after the competition ends.

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Was always SCAR Predator, because it resembled the classic look of the Predator


Lame UK only


Argh! Ah well, I'm in District-9 country anyhow, South Africa would be difficult to ship to even if it wasn't a UK only competition.  :-

EEV Repairman

Thanks for the chance to enter, normally its USA only comps or such and such. So nice for it to be UK only for a change.

Anyhoo...Scar has got to be my favourite, he truly looks awesome and captures the honour of the predator mythos perfectly.

The enemy of the enemy is my friend.


Not sure how this qualifies as a competition? Still, neat. Fnny to think that someone who might say their favorite is the Celtic predator (my favorite) then win a predator that is not their favorite haha


Thanks for the opportunity!

For me, Celtic definitely has to be my favourite from the film. This is primarily because of his mask. While Gort's mask was a very cool design, I can completely understand why it was ommitted from the design of the Predator from the film, being that it subtly gave too much away to the audience as to what was behind the mask.

That said, I think Celtic's bio-mask is a very contemplative and visually impressive design. While I feel his mask is intended to pay homage to the Gort/Guardian predator design if you examine the two side by side, they're so similar yet completely different at the same time. Also, if you pay close attention, you might notice that he had shorted dreads than his two brothers, which helps him stand out and to dinstinguish him as the leader of the trio.

Too bad he was eliminated so swiftly  :P

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Olaf.Brunson on Jul 31, 2016, 04:19:13 PM
Not sure how this qualifies as a competition?

Think of it as a giveaway then.  :)

predator elite

Mine even here as a figure and that would be Celtic his mask was such a departure from the rest it stood out more


My favourite is Scar.

Hooray for UK only competition!



I guess if I'm quick I might just be able to sneak an entry in before the deadline's up. :D

This is kind of a tough call. It's definitely a choice between Scar and Celtic, and there are good reasons for picking either one.

Celtic has a really great mask design that really makes him stand out, and he's able to go toe-to-toe with a pretty nasty Alien and almost come out on top; right before his "obligatory Predator overconfidence (or stupidity; tomato/tomAto  :laugh: )" gets the better of him. He has a counter for everything Grid is throwing at him for a good long while there, and he's clearly got some moves, which makes for a pretty cool fight scene.

On the other hand, Scar has a "classic" mask design as well as some of the most badass moments of the film (slicing that one Alien's head in half when it tries to sneak up on him without even missing a beat, and that great 'spear to the head' spin attack on the Queen at the end). And while we never really see him go hand-to-hand against any of them like Celtic does, he's able to rack up far more xeno kills than.....well, none. :laugh: Plus when one of those kills is a Queen,  you know you've done well by pretty much anyone's standards (even if he did have some help with that ;) ).

So I think I'm going to have to go with Scar. If only his situational awareness was just a little bit better, I think he could have gone on to great things. :P


Competition is now over. The winners are markweatherill, David Withers and @AvP2015.

EEV Repairman

Congrats to the winners.


It's like that time I was run over by a steam train - chuffed to bits  ;)

Corporal Hicks

Congrats to all the winners.  :)

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