Marvel's Alien (Volume 4) - Alien: Descendant

Started by Corporal Hicks, Aug 04, 2023, 07:27:32 AM

Marvel's Alien (Volume 4) - Alien: Descendant (Read 27,019 times)


Quote from: Xiggz456 on Feb 08, 2024, 12:16:40 AMJust read all 4 issues in one go and enjoyed it. Story kept me intrigued (especially the flashbacks) and the ending was wonderfully bleak. Some gorgeous panels from both Declan and Andrea absolutely enhanced the experience. My only real nitpick is the 4 issue constraint which IMO makes the story feel a bit rushed (which used to be my main gripe of the Darkhorse era). But I look forward to re-reading the series along with "Thaw" and the Annual to get the full Declan Shalvey experience.

I'm still behind with issue #3 and the last one, so I can't judge this yet, but if it really feels a little rushed then I just wonder why Marvel is doing this constraint of just 4 issues, or at least that's what it seems with this series and the newest announced Predator one. I mean, in DH times I often felt like many of their runs could use another issue to flesh things out. But with DH being much smaller publisher I could get it, and I thought Marvel wouldn't need to do this. 5 or 6 issues really felt like good runtime for Alien story. I Hope this won't become constant, and future stories will be longer, unless they are written with exactly 4 issues in mind by choice, not by neccesity. Not that I can tell myself if this is the case with this one yet.


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Crew Expendable

Just read all 4 issues today and I think the run has been good. I agree with the people saying it felt rushed. Descendant has good ideas that needed more room to be realized. I found myself really liking Zasha. The flashback reveal was great and genuinely surprised me. The submorphs I could take or leave but I appreciate the effort to do something different. The plotline of a young Yutani leading the expedition I didn't care about at all but that might be because I finished reading the Vasquez novel a couple months ago so I've had my fill of trust fund brats. The ending hurt in the best ways but I would've liked the door to have been left open for more. Reading Descendant next to Thaw though works really well as a sort of epilogue to the first run. Despite not being a total knockout I was hooked on the story and wanted to read the next issue to the end. I hope Black, White & Blood will continue to up the quality. Also I'm not 100% on this but the gun Zasha uses reminds me of either the battle rifle from Colonial Marines or the assault rifle from Resurrection.


Okay, I just read last issue. Descendant was good, but worse than Thaw. Art is still beautiful, family themes still got me, it has some moody sequences. Aliens lurking underwater and in sinked wreckage is a visual that's especially creepy for me. Also I like submorphs, so it was fun to get more of them, again, visual of them crawling under sunken ship like some deep sea crustaceans gave me chills. Also flashbacks were nice, little subplot. I also love its bleak af ending. That said, I can't help but feel it was a little rushed, it certainly could use one more issue. I often got that feeling with many DH comics, and I don't know why such a limitation, if that's what it really is, is set under such a big publisher like Marvel. Because of that there are some anticlimatic endings, for example we see hybrid Queen hatching from kaiju, but we never see it grown, and it is even on the cover. Also Many of mysteries seems abandoned and unanswered, we don't get to know more about hybrids, or human experimentations done by Zahsa's mother. But It also teases some new things with Yutani, maybe we are not done with some story points?


Interesting new kind of alien. :o


I'm just about to start on Thaw. Is Descendant a sequel to it? I know the second Annual (or is it thrid?) is a prequel to Thaw.

Corporal Hicks

Correct. The second annual (it's called Regicide) is a prequel to Thaw, but also setups up stuff in Descendant.

Still Collating...

Liked the comic, but it was weaker then their first run. That ending though! Loved the new flashback art style (the colors and lighting has a very old comic feel to it). I don't really like the other creatures and the new Alien design honestly, but the artist draws fantastic classic Aliens.

Corporal Hicks


Gasp! new podcast episode! Bring me my headphones!


I very much enjoyed Thaw (I think its the best of all the Marvel Alien run), so really looking forward to this



Thaw and Descendent are just both a bit meh. Not bad but not that good either. Art again is a bit too Xenogenesis (and the characters trying to shag instead of searching an abandoned ship owes a debt to Xenogenesis - it was f**king moronic writing then too).

I just find the whole thing a bit uninspired. As appalling as the art was with the early issues at the least the Alien Woman was something different.

Oh and nitpick - the Boreas was on its side underwater, yet when they were exploring it everything was the right way up.

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