Alien: Covenant B-Roll & Bloopers Video Now Online!

Started by Corporal Hicks, May 09, 2017, 07:37:05 AM

Alien: Covenant B-Roll & Bloopers Video Now Online! (Read 8,958 times)

Corporal Hicks


Really glad to see Prometheus props ie. the urn crystals. Very excited.



@ 2:18:
Looks like a few civilians don't make it out....



"Feeds On Minds Posted about 6 hours ago

jesus...every day this movie is coming off more and more desperate for attention."

I don't get it... and yet here you are. You're capable of making a decision, use it. Anyone here who feels as though they have been spoiled only has themselves to blame it's as simple as that. It's nothing new, Starlog used to publish huge spoilers in their behind the scenes reports.


Anyone else notice that the open area where they enter the juggernaut at around 3:50 looks like the space jockeys helmet? 2:51, Giving the old boy a flying lesson there were they?



So we will get to see David and Walter fight, eh?

Walter: Hello, my name is Walter. How can I be of service.

David: Walter, your Goo-Fu is weak! Prepare to have thine head removed from thine shoulders!

Walter: I'm sorry, pardon?

David: {Punches a hole straight through Walter's chest as if it were a sheet of cardboard and bellowing with a high pitched screech, retracts his arm and then proceeds to twist off a recoiling Walters head with a psychotic grin, basking in the fountains of milky vital juices of Walter's inferior android body]

David: You didn't know what you were dealing with, Walter. Perfect Orgasm!

Oh the irony of this post...


This clip looks like it shows how

Alexander Rigby's character dies also. Neomorph.

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