Alien: Enemy of My Enemy by Mary SanGiovanni

Started by Corporal Hicks, Mar 10, 2022, 03:18:38 PM

Alien: Enemy of My Enemy by Mary SanGiovanni (Read 35,364 times)


I thought the one for AvP was something like "Whoever wins...we lose."


There's a couple of lines of dialogue:

"The enemy of my enemy."
"That doesn't make it a friend."

Slutty Badger

I honestly cannot decide whether this tripe or Colony War is worse. For as bad as the latter 'novel' is, at least it was memorable (for worse). This one has less than absolutely nothing going on.

Still Collating...

In my opinion, this is the best one out of the trilogy. Nothing mind breaking, but knowing what the books have been doing in recent times, even something that's not a complete disaster is worth noting. Won't be too spoilery. 

The deadliness of the Alien is represented well here, the early deaths were vivid. The science experiments were nice, the new development from the lifecycle is an example how to introduce new things with the Alien. Liked the different types and the gestation change. Great references from the RPG.

Loved the ending action sequences! Very fun to read, well described. But the synths were to robotic again...

The main marine connection to the Resistance comic made me roll my eyes. That was not needed. Also, a few maybe not inconsistencies, but unclarified things that harbor back to the RPG. The main problem is that the trilogy didn't amount to anything. It was supposed to be set during the Colony Wars and we haven't seen almost any of that. The Border Bombers aren't properly cleared up as to whom is responsible, especially with that ending... Nothing's really clear, or makes sense as to motive or possible alternative suspects (other than the ones the book spelled out for us). It doesn't seems as mysterious as it seems more clumsily done.

The writer is pretty respectful with the Alien itself, but the plot has loose ends and the characters do feel a bit flat sometimes. I wouldn't be upset to see them again. Nothing really made me irritated in the book like things did in the last two, just felt a bit more average. Still, IMO better than the last few I read (better than Prototype and Inferno's Fall by a small margin, a lot better than Colony War, Rift War and Infiltrator).



I consider Inferno's Fall to be the best of the trilogy, even though it's more mediocre than bad, but it at least had better characters and world building, and I consider this book to be the second worse of the trilogy. Colony War takes that top spot.

As stated before, Enemy of My Enemy didn't address any of the stuff that occurred in the previous novels, no questions answered and I found the characters ultimately questionable, particularly their intelligence. Those links to Resistance and Rescue aside, a lot of everything felt contrived, and just plain boring. The only real interesting bits were the moon collision/breaking apart stuff. These novels are a great area to play in but everything feels restricted. So this falls below average for me.

Slutty Badger

I seriously thought "the deadliest ally imaginable" was gonna be David.

Still Collating...

I can see your point, even though Enemy of my Enemy had more bland moments (on the other hand, I will remember the final assault at the convention), still it wasn't at least offensive to me as Inferno's Fall was with it's treatment of the Pathogen, Aliens and synths even though the beginning half had the best writing for the characters of the trilogy. And neither did Inferno's Fall answer anything really.

Generally, a weak trilogy with a lot of wasted opportunities. Had good and interesting bits, but all 3 really missed the shot in different ways.

Quote from: Slutty Badger on Sep 05, 2023, 01:13:44 PMI seriously thought "the deadliest ally imaginable" was gonna be David.

Another missed opportunity, exactly.


I personally had the most fun reading this book and wasn't surprised about David not being involved as I had already read through the Colonial Marine RPG and thus knew who was responsible for the pathogen bombings but I can see how that expectation of David returning would negatively color one's perception of the final book.

Normally I reread all the novels a few months later but last year showed that there is such a thing as too much content with 6 books released; half of which weren't all that stellar so I haven't been very interested in revisiting.

Slutty Badger

Quote from: Xiggz456 on Sep 07, 2023, 10:16:01 AMhalf of which weren't all that stellar

That's putting it ever so nicely. What books were in the other half?

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