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Predator Films / Re: How long the predator was...
Last post by SiL - Today at 07:19:49 AM
It's unknown. Those legends might be about a completely different Predator.
Site & Forum Feedback / Re: Forum Upgraded To SMF 2.1
Last post by Darkness - Today at 06:51:21 AM
@Corporal Hicks I didn't realise it was missing. I've now added it in.
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
Last post by Darkness - Today at 06:50:25 AM
Quote from: Stitch on Yesterday at 11:02:18 PMHave I mentioned the Portal Stories mods to you before? One is a VR mod, which is pretty awesome. The other is a full on overhaul of Portal 2 with a new campaign, new puzzles, fully voiced Cave Johnson, and a few other bits and pieces. Check it out of you get a chance, it's called Portal Stories: Mel.

Yes, I played Portal Mel when it came out. This was before they even added an easier game mode to it. So every puzzle was just incredibly complex to the point where I had to watch video guides to tell me how to solve it. I'm looking forward to playing Mel on the easier mode after Portal 2 and see how much easier it actually is.
Recreational Area / Re: The Drawing Thread
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 05:50:17 AM
I draw a couple of spaceships. I've always been obsessed with hammerhead spaceships for a reason. ;D

 I'd like to see a version without dreadlocks, but I think such dreadlocks could fit with a more biomechanical design.

Edit - maybe more rigid as in the image above or as Sil from Species.

Recreational Area / Re: Last Movie You Watched
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 05:40:44 AM
Quote from: Kradan on Yesterday at 07:14:29 AM
Quote from: Kradan on May 21, 2022, 06:27:18 PMMatrix Reloaded

Matrix Revolutions

Couldn't sleep last night so just took of my laptop and started rewatching Reloaded. Man, I can't get enough of these movies. I know they're flawed movies, oftenly they feel like a compilation of great scenes badly glued together but I'll be damned if they're not captivating to watch.

I wouldn't call myself a particularly big fan of "action movies" but holy shit I can watch these scenes on loop:

I absolutely adore final Neo vs Smith even though it doesn't make a lot of sense why Smith wouldn't just send all of his clones against The One. I guess, it makes it feel more personal when they're just one on one and it doesn't matter really 'cause Neo still "loses" in the end

Love that visual parallel - everything that has a beginning, has an end

Also, Battle for Zion is such a basket of crazy stupid fun. I mean, giant robots with big guns operated by humans versus spaghetti bots, c'mon, gotta love it

That scene is might be too stretched out and eventually one begins asking "When are we gonna get back to Neo and Trinity ?" but it has a lot of great character moments. It's nice to see movie take a moment to show that it's not only Neo who is fighting for survival of humanity - it's the collective struggle of all the humans. Captain Mifune's death is gotta be my favourite of these moments:

"- Captain, I didn't finish the training program.
 - Neither did I"

Sequels throw so many interesting characters at us, it's crazy. Only if you care enough to listen what they have to say, of course:

And, of course, the man responsible for a pretentious speech to put an end to all of pretentious speeches:

Searched "matrix architect gif" and this is just too good to not put in here


Score deserves a special mention - so many memorable tracks !


Can't believe I forgot to mention the best thing about sequels - Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. Neo eliminated him in the first one, his return was never properly explained (just as most things in these movies are -"I don't fully understand how it happened" lol) but f**k it, he is back, he's running havoc against everything and everyone and I'm glad he is. Seriously, each time that man is on screen I shit my pants with joy

Also, gotta love that exchange


Wow, I finally read the whole thing. I didn't know you were so interested in The Matrix. :o
Predator Films / How long the predator was in ...
Last post by (Bad Blood) - Today at 05:40:33 AM
As the title so obviously put it haha how long was the Jungle Hunter/Predator in Guatemala before the events of the film? Had he been going and coming back for 100 years or less time than that? He somehow has been there long enough to be called a local legend that the older women would talk about when the woman was still a child.

There's only one Predalien design worth discussion.
Idk about limbs, seems like too much of a super power to me but something about a light healing factor that deals with deep cuts, lacerations, or gashes in a period of 3 days or so seems more reasonable. Seeing a form of tribal-high tech prosthetics would be a badass fresh design take on new Predator characters is a better alternative! 
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