Oomph! Music Video - New AvPR Footage

Started by Darkness, Dec 14, 2007, 07:56:30 PM

Oomph! Music Video - New AvPR Footage (Read 18,716 times)


The German band Oomph! has put their new music video on their Myspace Website. How does this relate to AvPR, you’re wondering? They’re doing the title track for the movie which is called Wach auf. Their music video features them singing but it’s intercut with many scenes from the movie, mainly of Wolf fighting the aliens.


It’s not a bad track, actually. I’ll probably download it. Thanks to HorusTheFalcon and AliensVsPredator.de for the news.

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Looks awesome.


first post   ;D    its awesome!Chet VS Wolf is epic


Das Good! I miss living in Germany. Great track...I like it,   ;D  


Another link to the vid from the officially oomph! website to rockster.tv: http://www.rockster.tv/special.php?id=211


the battles are the best! Wolf and Chet are gonna rock in this movie. Wolf is the hero of this movie, and he is bad-ass!


WARNING!  There is WAY too much ALien on Predator action in here, i stopped myself half way through.

Mr. Weyland

An aliens vs. predator music video, I can't decide if that's stupid or not.


I think its cool:) Very nice fights.


Rammstein 2?


The songs awful but chet v wolf battles looked epic

Lucian Laurentis

OMG I love OOMPH! And just for your information all, OOMPH! Has been around since long before Rammstein. They along with  KMFDM helped define the german industrial rock scene. They've been together for a long time. So please don't call them Rammstein 2.    :P   If anything, Rammstein = OOMPH! 2 XD But I love both since I feel they have different styles.


Not my kind of music im A juggalo ICP and shit but still a wicked video   the fights in avp r look Amazing  CANT WAIT   :)  



Ive made up my mind, Mr. Weyland. Stupid. Unecessary.   >:D  


you know, OOMPH! actually influenced Rammstein right? Just as Laibach did

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