I met Ian Whyte and Tom Woodruff Jr in person!

Started by RakaiThwei, Feb 17, 2007, 01:28:08 AM

I met Ian Whyte and Tom Woodruff Jr in person! (Read 17,502 times)


I didn't ask any questions about a Queen at all to neither Tom nor Ian Whyte. Keep in mind, I had to make my questions quick and short as well since many people were waiting in line for Ian Whyte and Tom Woodruff.



You know, I can't tell this for certain, but from what you've stated, I think it's generally a pattern of studio PR. It's like a secret language, and I might have cracked the code.


I am not at liberty to speak about the details  ;)=Yes

The fact that you mentioned he looked around before saying so helps my opinion on the matter. And considering Alien3 showed a new design of xenomorph, it would be incredibly foolish to leave the predator-bursted alien out of the sequel.

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