Say something you LIKE about AVPR - Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

Started by Voodoo Magic, Dec 09, 2018, 05:55:36 PM

Say something you LIKE about AVPR - Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. (Read 75,405 times)


My guys please pay attention to what thread you're in.


I said I laughed, not rolled my eyes bitterly. I enjoyed the absurdity and stupidity of the moment.


And you were just singing the praises of the designs.

Corporal Hicks

And snipped. Remember the intent of the thread please.

(Bad Blood)

I also wanted to say I think that wolf was really well designed, the mask, the armor placement, the skin and muscle was really well done and the addition of the bone horn/spikes on the body was really awesome. I also loved that they brought in an idea on how Predators got rid of evidence, the use of the blue liquid that dissolves organic matter was really cool. Also the first time two plasma casters were used which I thought was super awesome. All In all I actually liked a lot of the films design.

Master Chief

I liked the opening sequence, particulary Wolf receiving the distress signal and preparing to depart.  I also liked Wolf's arrival on Earth.


I liked it too ... well, at least, the unrated edition version. I liked that Wolf had to do some "investigation" and retrieve information from dead Pred's mask as opposed to theatrical versiin where he learned about the Predalien's presence right from the start

City Hunter Yautja

The Yautja/Pred whip was intriguing. I like the idea of using it to hook a Xeno like a fishingline and pulling them close for wristblades.


I like the dumb power glove.

City Hunter Yautja

I like the Yautj/ Pred ship crash.


Wolf's epic entrance into the hospital, because f**k opening doors.  :laugh:

Is there not a gif of that around here somewhere?


There is a lot I liked. I liked the characters better than those of AvP who were just of the boring scientific kind. There was actually a bit of tension because the characters in requiem felt more real and vulnerable.

The idea of a predator arriving to clean up the mess was neat

the predalien impregnating the women was nasty

The film had more of a violent edge compared to avp

Promising setpieces (powerplant, hospital, army fight etc) with a nice variety ( but obviously awfully shot and dark)

Overall I think the idea had a lot of potential but it was probably a bit too expensive to pull it off hence the darkness and short and unclear fight scenes.

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