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Title: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: RidgeTop on Oct 30, 2021, 08:15:55 AM
Here are the notable questions and answers during yesterdays developer Q&A on the game's Discord channel:

Dezhnev - Are you planning on including the APC (armored vehicle from the movie) or the dropship on future missions? It would be awesome to see more events like in Mission 2-1.

A: I agree that was awesome! Those vehicle moments were great in the Aliens film, it's in my mind when thinking about future campaign missions.

Q: Will Cold Iron prevent us from modding AFE? Even mods that aren't intended to affect any other players?

A: We have seen some nice mods created by the community, but we've also gotten a lot of complaints about people who, unintentionally, end up playing with modded players.  Like many of you mentioned, we don't have a mod development toolkit... this means that we can't tell a "good mod" from a "bad mod".

It also means that we can't ensure that, as we continue to update the game, we can support the mods and the changes they've made to save files going forward. As modding became more prevalent... we wanted to give folks the heads up that if you have modded your game, it may be at the risk of compromising your save file - and Cold Iron can't guarantee we can keep it valid enough to play the game.

Azuvector - Have you considered applying friction to enemies that go into a Stumble state, so that when they're stumbling and sliding on the ground, they take more of a penalty by having their closing speed/distance with the player reduced slightly?

A: We know about the stumble issues, and we agree we need to do something about it. We've been playtesting some changes to how it works that we expect will greatly improve stumble as a whole.

kov4cs - Will Quick Play be updated to signal to the lobby what level they will be thrown into so they can prepare accordingly?

A: We're aware of this - it was an oversight when we were trying to get the feature out to you all ASAP. A solution is upcoming.

kov4cs - how is Cold Iron responding to the precipitous player drop-off since AFE's initial release, and how does it plan on better sustaining user retention?

A: as for the "numbers" - of course we'd love to have everyone in the world playing the game constantly. However, we love the fact that we have a solid and passionate core community, and all of Cold Iron is still working on future Aliens: Fireteam Elite development - issues, QoL, new features and content... a bunch of which we hope improves not just retention, but the game in general.

We're excited with where Aliens: Fireteam Elite is... and still are working to make it even better.

Soup Sandwich - Do the unwritten feature on the Road-Map will includes the possibility to buy the truly AWESOME original soundtrack of Aliens Fireteam Elite? (Please...)

A: Austin and I are working on getting the OST into your hands and ears. When we have more details we'll be sure to let you know!

Azuvector - The format of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is setup in such a way that a vast amount of stories could be told with the game. (Colonial Marines cruising around the galaxy, stomping bugs (Probably mixed up with with other problems too.) The core gameplay loop is wonderful. The graphics, environmental craftsmanship and integration of the very murky Aliens lore are top notch. What are your long term plans for AFE?

A: Thanks for the kind words! Like I mentioned, all of Cold Iron is still working on the game and we've got a lot more stories to tell about the Endeavor and LV-895. I'd love to fully explain our entire future roadmap... but marketing would have my head. : )

BaKula - In the road map you said "Year one roadmap" does this mean you'll consider developing the game for another year if things go well?

A: Yeah, it's not the "forever road map", it's only year one - and we are already starting to spin up discussions what year 2 could look like. There's so much cool free content coming out during Y1, which is NOW, so we are focusing on that right now.

Corporal Hicks - Are you able to talk about when we'll be seeing more campaign content or Horde mode maps? Thanks

A: The roadmap gives a bit of a look into that - Season 2 and 4 will have new Game Modes, which if you enjoyed Horde Mode, you'll like these - with some twists on the strategies, length, and location. Season 2 is fast approaching!

Hemi - Have you considered getting rid of the level 20 cap and moving towards a more sustainable levelling system like Payday 2's infamy system, or is the level 20 cap final?

A: It's going to be a while before it's in your hands, but we are looking at (and working on) a couple of new things that will help add a much longer "tail" for those of you (like me) who like leveling things up.

JLGB_92 - is there going to be a photo mode added in the future?

A: We aren't planning on a photo mode, but we are going to put in an option to remove the HUD UI entirely, which is something related that players/photographers have asked for. So you won't have to rely on challenge cards to get rid of the HUD for those nice clean shots.

Dezhnev - Are you planning on doing changes to the way difficulties work? Right now it feels like Recon is mandatory for higher difficulties.

A: We're constantly looking to the community for feedback on how all aspects of the game balance are working. Difficulties are one of the things that we review on a regular basis. Keep the feedback coming - it definitely helps drive our discussions!

BaKula - What are the sort of things we can expect from 'new features'. will it be just new things in the game menus and hangar, or does this go as far as to cover maps and campaigns?

A: "New Features" are things other than maps or campaigns. These features tend to be extensions to current systems or frequent requests by the community. (Trying my best not to slip up here and just list them. : )

GuapoPogi - Has any thought been given to adding a completion tracker that is accessible to the players so we can see what missions/difficulties the game thinks we have completed?

A: Lots of thought.

kov4cs - Are more maps being planned for future DLC / expansions?

A: "There are things we're working on that aren't on the roadmap" : )

Azuvector - There are many, many bugs that have been reported in bug-reports that have not been addressed for months, and do not appear in the known issues. Will a major bugfixing patch be coming soon? Some of these bugs impact gameplay significantly or the visual appearance of the game when playing or streaming. Many of these have been reported since launch.

A: We hate them as much as you do. It's been our engineering team's highest priority since launch to fix bugs and performance issues as we can find and reproduce them reliably in the studio. . We'll continue to make that so. We're not holding back for a specific "bug fixing" patch... we'll get the fixes and improvements out to you as soon as we can.

Azuvector - What sorts of communication of future plans and current issues being addressed can players expect from Cold Iron going forward?

A: We'll continue to update the roadmap with more specifics as we get closer to each of the Seasons releasing.  Each patch we make (including the between-season fixes and quality of life improvements) has detailed patch notes so you can see what was updated.  On Discord, other than Q&As and normal chat, we have a known-issues channel where you can see many of the issues we are working on, possible workarounds, and if we've patched it yet.

Larcade - Do you guys have plan to rebalance damage on guns so that we can have more option to choose from beside a very few guns with high base damage. (On insane difficulty)

A: We just released a large "Weapon Balance" patch just the other week. Similar to what I said about the difficulties... We continually evaluate the balance of the weapons in the game and will make changes as needed. Keep telling us what you think is working and what doesn't!

Saansilt [PITS OF SPITE] Poet - Will we see armor customization too?

A: We are focusing on adding additional kit-skins - And some of the ones coming out soon are pretty out there compared to what we have now. Alien fans should feel real comfortable in some of the new outfits

Prometheus - Are we going to see more Engineers or lore stuff? The story ending was pretty open.

A: "There are things we're working on that aren't on the roadmap..."

Hemi - Did the massive soar of popularity overwhelm Cold Iron a bit? Did you guys expect the game to sell this much?

A: We're a pretty small studio and this is Cold Iron's first game. We set out to make a fun* Aliens *game that friends could play together. I think it's an understatement to say that we've been stunned and humbled by the response so far. We're overjoyed that the success of Fireteam is letting us continue to work on the game, improve what's there, and add new stuff!

If it wasn't clear....

100% there are things that we are working on that are not on the roadmap - and we'll be updating the roadmap with more specifics as we announce them.

Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: seattle24 on Oct 31, 2021, 09:17:42 AM
Lot in here to be encouraged by. I really hope Season 2 feels substantial. Said it before, will say it again, the fact the devs emphasis is on "quality of life" and greatly improving existing content is 100% the way to go.

Though I'd love new maps, there is enough locations already to sustain my interest - i just want a new game mode or significant twists to the game-play to revitalise my interest - which it sounds like S2 is all about.

I really like Cold Iron. If they're given the financial support I think they'll hit home runs with future DLC.
Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: acrediblesource on Nov 01, 2021, 02:57:27 PM
I think it would be cool if the Emotes had or give XP if you do the right combination in response to another FT member.
That would be interesting where Rock followed By Scissors = +100XP i mean i don'tknow how much would make it fun but lets say
you do these on Katunga where you have actual time to work it out. It could be something of a minigame in itself.

As for the latest QA with the devs, i like what I was hearing about twists on the strategies, length, and location.
I don't know what this means really. Like you will be able to get to the final location by finding a secret passage that randomly appears? or that mission one will lead directly into mission two without stopping?

Sounds promising to say the least.
Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: Corporal Hicks on Dec 02, 2021, 07:05:13 AM
Another Q&A is taking place on the 3rd at 12pm PDT.

Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: Hemi on Dec 03, 2021, 07:24:13 AM
Haven't played in a month, so I'm going to call it quits. This game is going nowhere.

Good luck getting the answers during Q &A. Here's a preview:

"We hear yah" = Possible yes.
"We can't comment on future content"= Nope, move on.

Hope they prove me wrong in the long run.

Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: acrediblesource on Dec 04, 2021, 02:07:30 PM
99% horrible.1% informative.This time around.
Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: Hemi on Dec 06, 2021, 08:17:48 PM
Yeah people are complaining on all socials now. Too little, too late.

What a weird choice to go for another seperate gametype (basically splitting up your Horde playerbase, real smart) with one map.

How could you say you are happy were the game is atm... Such a strange statement.
Title: Re: Cold Iron Developer Q&A
Post by: RidgeTop on Dec 07, 2021, 05:36:57 PM
Some answers from the latest one here:

Can we just talk about the requisition credits situation? How many credits come with the Nostromo Salvage Pack? I mean, this is a commercial ship, not a rescue ship... and my account only has so much space.

A: Let's go over the bonus situation. 12K bonus req. Creds, 750 rep scrip included in the Nostromo Salvage pack

Will there be more Aliens Story-Based Maps added in the future (ether as a paid dlc or free dlc update), or can we just expect to get new game modes, and a map with the game mode?

A: We understand folks are thirsty for more story-based content and we hear you. We don't have anything to talk about today, but you never know what the future holds!

The whole dev team is still working on Fireteam Elite, so we have some big things in progress even BEYOND what is on the roadmap.

The Facehugger
Will you improve on the mechanics of The Facehuggers and and add chestbursters?

A: We're currently happy with how Facehuggers work in the context of the game. While that does mean your compatriot doesn't get chestbursted, their current functionality plays better with the overall game flow.

Ursa Major
Several requests have been made to allow players to sell/exchange unwanted Challenge cards for more desirable ones (at a cost). Any plans to implement such a feature in the future?

A: We definitely hear that folks have unwanted challenge cards piling up. No specifics as of yet, but we're looking into interesting ways to play with this.

La Cobra Real
Do you plan to change requirements for electrokills achievement since now a player can only get it by destroying eggs with coils?

A: We've been doing some fixes under the hood and that achievement should be easier to get in Season 2.

Is the flickering issue fixed for Xbox series x and will it be implemented in the season 2 patch on the 14th. And are you adding the photosensitive warning to splash screen on the 14th also.

A: Even more small fixes are coming with Season 2 that should further reduce it's occurrence - but the better news -> We believe we have a real good fix for this system issue, and it'll be in a patch as soon as possible after S2 launch.  With how rare an occurrence this is, we need a little more time to fully test it and ensure it's successful.

Is the game gonna get bug fixes, patches, and a fix for the freezing and crashing

A: We're continuing to look into crash reports and fix them as we find solutions. Whenever you encounter a freeze or crash, please follow the protocol to report a bug - more detailed information is always helpful!

Currently bug reports go into essentially a blackbox- and the filer never sees the status;

it would be beneficial to all to see if things are a: actually flagged as bugs or closed -if/what that reason is - already filed, as intended or unable to reproduce, and what if any priority they are...(we want to help you guys help us!)

Are there any plans to Improve the Bug reporting system? (a public bug tracker ticket system or the like so we can improve the quality of reporting?)

A: We're working on optimizing our bug reporting structure, but we currently don't foresee following up on individual bug reports. Please do continue sharing your reports though, it may feel sometimes like it goes into a black box, but they all help us out tremendously in identifying issues in the game and their causes.

We definitely see them, and we get them into our internal bug tracking and make lots of our fixes based on these reports. We appreciate them greatly!

Hoping we get a crossplay feature to bring all the players together. Is this something we will see in the future of the game?

A: We are working towards it! Crossplay with Xbox and Windows Store will be released with Season 2, and that  is a big first step - we have nothing to announce further but it's something we want to achieve at some point.

I see in the Point Defense video the bursters have two health sections. Was the health on bursters nerfed?

A: No changes were made to Burster health. Keep in mind their health changes based on difficulty. It's the marketing team playing, they like to keep it... Casual.

Are we geting more achievemens/trophies with season 2 and/or future seasons ?

A: Sorry, no achievements for Season 2 - but we hear the folks who are interested in more trophy chasing.

How you guys came up with the sound effects for the elite xenomorphs, are those animal sounds ?

A: For Fireteam Elite, they are a big gumbo of all sorts of sounds... but there is indeed a heavy influence from a very specific, very cute animal.  You'll never guess.

Not exactly related to Point Defense. But, will Season 2 (or perhaps another patch close by) include balance changes or a bit of love to other parts of the game?

A: In addition to the major parts of Season 2 we've talked about, we have a number of balance changes and fixes in the update.

There's tons of bug fixes, performance and stability improvements, and some visual improvements on some platforms too.  Seasons (and the patches between season updates!) have all sorts of changes.  Watch those patch notes!

Are there any plans to improve Alpha and Beta? (e.g. giving them basic commands)

A: While we love our Synth friends, we currently have no plans to add any major features to them. We always evaluate them to see if they need any performance tweaks, but keep in mind that we don't intend them to be used above Standard Difficulty.

Are the new game mode playable offline

A:Yes, you can roll solo. Remember you'll have to connect to your platform to patch.

The new outdoor environment, and Requisition Cabinet (place where you buy things in between rounds) got me thinking. Have you given thought on adding new consumables (or making changes/balance to existing ones), or perhaps things exclusive to new game modes? I was thinking it would be awesome to call the Gunship to bombard a certain location, or perhaps call reinforcements for a round or so to guard one place.

A: We've definitely given thought to new consumables, and have played around with them plenty. If we find something that feels good and makes sense for the game at large (or an individual mode), we'll add it. We currently don't have anything.

Cherno Alpha
Will the unobtainable intel on the PS4 be fixed in the upcoming update?

A:The Season 2 patch includes some fixes that should hopefully help folks who were previously unable to pick up intel or get the intel achievement/trophy.

What would you say is the best weapon in general to use in the game, from your technical perspective!

A:Whichever one suits your playstyle! I love all my babies, and while i gravitate towards some more than others, i switch them up from mission to mission regularly, and make choices based on my Kit and what my Teammates are bringing.

I also frequently play with guns that haven't been released yet.

The current one i'm using a lot is the upcoming Zvezda, go go purple pew pew!

Any hints on what the new challenge cards are?

A:We can do more than that! All of the upcoming Season 2 challenge cards were announced in our Content Creators kit, and can be found in the S2 New Content

We see engineer structures in the defense mode, will there be any additions to the lore?

A: Our writer works with us designers to ensure every map we put together is rooted in the lore. Herrera may not launch into a history lesson, but it's a part of the story we're telling.🙂

Will you consider nerfing extreme and insane mode a bit? Considering most people can't beat the higher difficulties (or buff gun damage, increase health bars, increase max ammo, etc)

A:We're discussing the possibility of additional difficulty options- but we have zero plans to nerf extreme or insane. We named em that way for a reason🙂

La Cobra Real
Do you plan to rebalance horde mode (adding cards maybe)? as of now extreme and insane are almost impossible to complete

A:We're currently happy with how Horde Mode is performing in general, difficulty wise. We are looking at possibilities for Challenge Cards in game modes, but many of our existing ones wouldn't work at all here, so we need to keep that in mind.

Has there been any progress made on the timer when waiting for players, so we can extend how long we wait?

A: We heard folks having trouble with the queue timer, so it should be removed in the Season 2 patch!

For the crossplay between Xbox and windows, will there be an option to disable the crossplay?

A:No, there's no option for that

Secondly, can ya'll do a live streaming of your Q&A in the future, please? This text based format is great for reading after the fact, but I would prefer to see ya'lls in person reactions as you read the questions and then answer them.

A:It's definitely not off the table. But as you say, one of the benefits of text form is having a log readily available after we're done, and I have also seen some players who are hearing impaired and say they value having these in written form. That said, we do still enjoy having live interaction opportunities like those when we can, and we're keeping an eye out for having more opportunities like those.

a few people poked me to ask Q: At what time will Season 2 release on my particular platform?

A: On 12/14 Release (PST):
Game pass should go live around noon.
All other Platforms live with Season 2 around 9am

(I keep saying "around" because sometimes there are delays in pushing patches with platforms, I don't want to promise a very specific time)

Soup Sandwich
Is the ost will be available to buy along with the season 2?

A:Still no soundtrack release news to share, but I just listened to mixed tracks and it sounds :chefkiss: