Should the Alien and predator be more equal in term of strength?

Started by Thatguy2068, Dec 27, 2021, 03:29:39 PM

Should the Alien and predator be more equal in term of strength? (Read 4,714 times)


Didn't the tusked predator in Predators almost tear a metal door and then stopped also ? I'm pretty sure that's the case.


I think the two should be depicted as roughly equal in strength, but the nature of their strength should be different.

With its long slender limbs and fingers, the Alien's advantage in a fight would be its leverage. The Predator would rely more on pure muscle.

The Alien's strength would be steady and unyielding. The Predator may be capable of bursts that could momentarily overpower it, but if he doesn't finish the fight quickly, he'll be in trouble.

It needs to be said, of course, that an Alien's natural weapons should mean that a Predator would never want to grapple with it. If things comes to that, the Predator has already been beaten at his own game and become the hunted.


Pretty elegant way to put it

Nightmare Asylum

I think whichever one mashes the X button faster should be stronger.



Predator clearly has more experience pushing buttons:





judge death

To me they should be quite even:

Xenomorphs are super strong, like ants: their strenght is many times their weight, hence we see them tearing through metal doors and ships and many other materials, lifting grown man with one arm and climb with the other with ease.
Also they are surprisingly light in my eyes which would explain the queen alien beeing not too hard to knock over with power loader and ripley later in the airlock.
Which would explain predators have a fighting chance in close combat.

Predators are more like super body builders and strong but also quite heavy and clumsy in comparison to the xeno, predator can lift 1-2 xenomorphs and throw them but in pure strenght vs strenght mode the xeno would win, especielly if we count the older warrior xenos or predaliens.

Predators strenght is more their technology and close combat weapons.
Without that the xenomorphs will beat them in hand to hand fight.


I've always seen the Xenomorphs as living machines, they're strength, like mentioned earlier in the thread would be unwavering and steady. The comparisons to bugs have always been present, but I feel that they'd be more akin to spiders. Spiders move using a combination of hydraulic fluid and muscle flex. This would make them insanely strong , yet fairly lightweight.

Predators however, shouldn't be as strong in my opinion. Wolf should NEVER been able to hold back both of the xenos in the sewers. Their physique is purely organic and with that comes endurance limitations. If I recall correctly there were some comics(novels?) That mention a steroid injection unit somewhere in their armor that sets them into a berserk frenzy which could temporarily bypass the natural endurance blocks, similar to humans who while under adrenaline rushes perform superhuman feats

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