Point Defense, New Aliens: Fireteam Elite Game-Mode, Drops As Part of Season 2 Update!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Nov 30, 2021, 06:10:17 PM

Point Defense, New Aliens: Fireteam Elite Game-Mode, Drops As Part of Season 2 Update! (Read 8,664 times)



Quote from: Enjoy on Dec 06, 2021, 08:27:53 PM
Why don't the pulse rifels have grenade launchers ?

I personally think it's not coming to the game. I hope they prove me wrong.


Quote from: Hemi on Dec 07, 2021, 07:31:10 AM
Because Cold Iron probably doesn't even know how to program it into the game. Maybe they had it at some point, but removed it because it was all getting too hard.

Regardless if folks are excited or disappointed about this new batch of content, this sort of flippant attitude on a smaller developer isn't helpful.

Underbarrel grenade launcher and flame unit has been seen in the datamines if you head on over to that thread. If I had to guess, they probably didn't want people exclusively using the pulse rifle at the expense of becoming acquainted with the host of other AR types. I personally like the modular design of the pulse rifle, and if you notice, most of the ARs in the game have an under rail system. Don't think they would put that there if they were not planning on eventually adding that extra attachment slot. There is a legitimate question though if this extra attachment slot is planned as to why it wasn't included at launch.


I've edited the replies for you but I doesn't change my opinion on the matter. I doubt we will see nadelaunchers on the pulse rifles or any attachements. Proc. maps were also datamined but this update kinda speaks for itself and the future of the game.

Besides the dataming some also viewed the code of the game, and the feedback was not positive.

I personally also think a 50 people studio is big enough to churn out a few basic Horde maps in 3 months time. I recreated Operations in a week for KF2. And that's including converting ACM's assets to the KF2 map builder.

It could just be they are moving resources to the next game and doing minimal work on AFE.

They can still prove me wrong and I really hope they do.  :)


They did specify in the most recent Q&A that their entire team is still on Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

I'd definitely like to see some of Pala station with some heavy Hadley's Hope influence like you've got pictured there.

I do agree there absolutely needs to be more Horde maps.

BTW I played your KF1 mod back in the day and quite enjoyed it. You're working on one for the second game?


Unfortunately KF2 made it a bit hard modding zeds. And I don't have 50 people haha, srry bad joke.
I still have a unfinished Aliens V2 mod for KF1, but yeah... life.

Maybe that's CI's thing atm, life. And I can't hold that against them. I had to quit modding as it was eating my time with the fam. Games are games in the end. Have some fun with it and move on.


Devs are streaming today, a play through of the new game mode.....check out their twitter.its Dec 13th at 10am PST



Quote from: acrediblesource on Dec 13, 2021, 02:13:09 PM
Devs are streaming today, a play through of the new game mode.....check out their twitter.its Dec 13th at 10am PST


Still Collating...

When xenos attack the machine, it bleeds red. Very sloppy, the same happens wit the synths. From this it sounds like they want to do crossplay, but they don't have the time or knowledge how to do that yet... One map, the mode seems extremely boring and simple in terms of mechanics, it'll get old fast. ACMs bug hunt maps and turrets were much cooler to play with.

I'm afraid this update will disappoint me, but I'll give it a chance. Wish the game all the best, but it needs crossplay to stay alive, more horde mode and point defense maps, more campaign missions or even pvp multiplayer. As of now, all these extras just aren't cutting it. Nobody really cares about the guns as much as the other things. Wish we get underbarrel grenade launchers for the Pulse Rifle and a revamp on the Demo's stats. These updates just aren't exciting and they're being too secretive and vague about what they're working on, beats me why they're trying so hard to hide it.... While they get to all the more important stuff, the whole player base will be dramatically reduced.



I like how they were transparent with their process in their interview in terms of how they developed weapons and xeno types.
Glad they are putting this out and i'm sure we will have plenty of good fun to explore it. I'm not a dead beat so gaming isn't an 8hour discovery plan- not anymore anyways.
The atmosphere in the game is still plenty and very cool to get engrossed.
I'm still waiting for multiple loadouts so that we can create our own player looks for each...but whatever.

Lastly still waiting for an epic engineer battle or some sort and the debate about whether or not the grenade launcher should be included in the pulse rifle well, still I think that is the little child talking, but to me, this little detail is laughable.
Develop a clear weapons system and then talk adding small stuff like that because 'its movie accurate' and you will realize how little you know about anything.


Yeah, doesn't look too good. Tbh at this point I barely recognise the franchise in this game haha. It's very generic. Thats one of the things ACM nailed imo. The blue hue Carmeron shot the movie in was ever present in the game. I realy liked that. This leans more towards Prometheus and Covenant atm. Which is fine, just not very Aliens.

The gametype itself is very boring imo. But then again the Horde mode wasn't anything to write home about either.

Shame crossplay between windows and steam isn't implemented. We could use the gamepass peeps joining steam games.


The new mode is boring, simple as. It also doesn't even fit the design motif for the game, which was supposedly "stick together and overlap complementary weapons and skills which is 100% necessary after normal difficulty."

Also new attachment drops don't work and they cut FPS pretty much in half. Also their mod CRC check not only doesn't work with one simple change to one file, they literally just 86'd the entire active PC userbase.

Kind of astounding how this much incompetence and active disdain for the playerbase can be concentrated in one title.

synaptic flow

I wish (and I've asked them many times) to add local co-op to this game.  Not everyone in the world has access to high quality internet.  I have great internet but this game crashes after every completed mission 95% of the time when I am playing with people online.  For that reason alone (the lack of reliability) we should have local co-op so there's always a fun way to play and people without internet can have fun with family and friends.


I enjoy the new mode. I like that it goes by quick. Good way to get some fast xp and credits.

Love the new rifle. Feels great and purple is my favorite color.

It's just been difficult to match with players on PlayStation... and I can see why. As soon as I level these new guns, I'll lose interest until season 3.


I played the new mode last night for the first time and I was impressed, enjoyed it. Didn't look that great from the initial footage but playing it was more fun. Is it only three rounds though? I figured you'd be able to keep continuing or choose to evac like in Horde.


The place you rendezvous for evacuation at the end is odd.

I'd have appreciated needing to run back outside to the dropship instead of gathering for pickup in the middle of the ruins.

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