Marvel's Predator Volume 3 - Predator: The Last Hunt

Started by Chieftain Suom, Nov 17, 2023, 01:31:48 PM

Marvel's Predator Volume 3 - Predator: The Last Hunt (Read 9,507 times)

Chieftain Suom

Chieftain Suom

New 4 issue Predator series by Brisson has officially bee solicited for 2/21/24 release date. Based on the final page of The Preserve #5, the series is set to be titled The Thrill of the Hunt.

#1: THE HUNT CONTINUES! For years, Theta has hunted and killed Predators in her search for the one that killed her parents. Now she's on a mission to free the human captives from the Predators' game preserve. But when a Super Predator is on the loose, even a seasoned hunter like Theta can become prey...
Ed Brisson returns, joined by superstar artist Francesco Manna in an epic new arc that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


It's great, Marvel has been making us happy lately!  :)


Oh neat they included the Predator hounds from Predators, pulling from other lore of the movies.

Mr . Jo

Predator vs Wolverine sequel spin offs Team X vs Aliens, Weapon X vs Red Aliens, Deathlok vs Aliens, Cable vs Mala'kaks,       


There's a volume 2?


I'm glad they're including Super Predators this time on the game preserve. Hopefully it'll be an original design and not another reuse of Mr. Black, Tracker, or Falconer.

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: happypred on Nov 20, 2023, 10:41:12 PMThere's a volume 2?

The Preserve.

Quote from: RidgeTop on Nov 20, 2023, 11:01:38 PMI'm glad they're including Super Predators this time on the game preserve. Hopefully it'll be an original design and not another reuse of Mr. Black, Tracker, or Falconer.

My f**king eye is twitching over the use of the name Super Predators. But I do agree. I hope they continue to use new designs. I really don't want to see any of Predators' Predators reused at all.


Is there a link to the news source?


Wonder if this super Predator means just different Tribe like in Predators just with awkward naming, or actual upgraded or heavy Armed Predator like in The Predator. I mean it would have sense that Predators sent some heavy hitter after Theta, when she caused them so much troubles.

Corporal Hicks


In a previous comic they also featured the Predator dogs shown in The Predator 2018, even though there's devised opinions about the later Predator movies but it's cool they get some acknowledgement and that the expanded universe pulls from the lore and even a good amount of the time improves the concept.


It would help explain why are regular Predators doing the kidnapping canned hunts like the Super Predators did in 2010. It would be a shame if they muddied the waters of both types doing the same thing and not having their own unique identity in practicing the Hunt. For at this point, might as well make the SP obsolete, as a bigger and badder Predator just sounds corny at this point if they aren't the criminal poachers/cheaters of the hunter society.


Nice! Still no news on the original Predator script comics adaptation please?


Story direction seems good, but the name irks me, as we already had AvP: Thrill Of The Hunt


@Ahsoka wasn't that disconnected shelved a little after the Disney buy out of 20th century fox and the transfer of Alien/Predator comic book licence from Darkhorse comics to Marvel, shame that to waste time on money on something fans would be curious to catch out as a what if a visualisation of the initial Hunter/Predator treatment.

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