Could Resident Evil crossover into Alien/Predator?

Started by Neomorph-01, Mar 16, 2022, 11:28:36 PM

Could Resident Evil crossover into Alien/Predator? (Read 616 times)


Hello everybody. Had a fun thought - could Resident Evil crossover into Alien/Predator?

I had a couple of ideas that might work.
Predator/Resident Evil
Scenario one: The outbreak in Racoon City, a group of survivors being picked-off by infected zombies, Umbrella Bio-Weapons and a dangerous alien hunter.
Scenario two: Umbrella facility, a captured Yautja mutated into an experimental Tyrant. A veteran Yautja (a bit like Wolf) arrives to destroy the abomination and the humans who dared to defile it's own kind.

Aliens/Resident Evil
Scenario: A rescue ship arrives to a science space station. Weyland-Yutani (or Seegson) found old Umbrella virus samples and experimented - creating a Xenomorph that is adapted by the T-virus (all it's victims are infected and reanimate as infected zombies).

What do you all think? Could these ideas work? How would you imagine the scenarios?

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