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Holy Shit dude! of all the predators in the Predator and Alien vs Predator games, I think I like Scarface the best.he's got such an meaningful story line and character development.



Didnt play the game but he is one cool mofo

I wanted to draw some human/Predator Team up, and I wanted to draw Hate Predator-so here is the team up. The human/soldier/mercenary has a prostetic left arm.
Hate is my most experienced Predator character so I gave him an Experienced Human to team up.

In a future AvP game I would really like to see some team up between player Predator,and Human/Marine characters-its possible-Weyland Yutani betrays the marrine/Player, and at some point he saves the Player Predator,and then they team up for some period of time-a hive would be a good place for this team to work.
There is a lot of possibilities-Predator saved by human will npot kill him,even if he presents to be a good trophy/worthy warrior-due to honor-this i take from original AvP comic book,also in AvP 2 the game there was an episode of player marine and predator characters to interact in some ways and meet-imagine this to be more developed.



Hi there

Here is another idea for a Predator 3

He stores his plasma cannon not on his shoulder armor,but rather on his chest-when activated it slides to the shoulder area
I didnt wanted to make a clean Predator-so he has a big ass scar on his mask
I wanted this design to be pretty simple.



Quote from: Bender1988 on Aug 08, 2014, 01:12:03 PM
Hi there

Here is another idea for a Predator 3

He stores his plasma cannon not on his shoulder armor,but rather on his chest-when activated it slides to the shoulder area
I didnt wanted to make a clean Predator-so he has a big ass scar on his mask
I wanted this design to be pretty simple.

That looks really f**king good. Like, him on one knee, it just looks great. It feels balanced and I love it!



Thanks :D
New ones:
MeanGene predator
Commission piece for Huntersliar member

My favorite Naruto character.
This is a trully crappy fan art-but i felt like drawing Madara

Teddy Predator
Here's a little backstory for this Predator-in short.

He is loosely based on the predator who fought Grizzly Bear/park rangers-can't remember the title of this comic at the moment.

Teddy was stalking some mafia organization-he followed them ewerywhere to gain knowledge about his prey.
Some day they went to assasinate some dude from witness protection.
The assasins killed the wittness,his wife, but spared his infant child, one assasin-a psycho took the childs Teddy's Bear for whatewre pervesion reasons he had.

So The Predator finally went on the hunt-killed the assasins, grabbed the Teddy Bear, and give it back to the child.

Thats why I called this one Teddy.

I am drawing some redesigns of the predators-from the comic books-I made predator kindred-but only good thing about this work was his mask-so willl not upload it, need to make another version,then shorty-from avp war, topknot, maybe bad blood,lefty,and  judge dredd predator again



Like your Predators!



That destructive-looking nature that always comes out of these drawings is what I most enjoy. I am now suddenly realizing this.



Quote from: Requiem28 on Aug 22, 2014, 03:20:10 PM
Like your Predators!
Quote from: ShadowPred on Aug 23, 2014, 01:06:03 AM
That destructive-looking nature that always comes out of these drawings is what I most enjoy. I am now suddenly realizing this.
hehe more destruction in this new update:
dead zone
A really quick and crappy lineart.
Never before have i draw Garlick JR/or senior in this case.

Choice Predator

A redesign of Piccolo-without his training/heavy armor.

Goku ssj 4
1-I hate db Gt- I don't acknowledge its existence-for me Dragon Ball ended with killing Kid Buu/Or Hildegarn movie.

2-In my version of Super Saiyan 4:

-I wanted the transformation to be savage, kinda merging of a warrior with his inner rage that shows in a form of Ozaru-it was shown during ssj3 transformation-this is next level of it

-The tail is back-it is not needed for the transformation but he regrows during the procces

-Hairs become black and are little longer than in original state

-There are no pupils-eyes are full of rage-like in Broly's legendary ssj

-There is no visible aura/power coming out of the body,the power is soo big the aura is steched across whole galaxy/or one solar system

-There are claws

-user becomes extremely savage, brutal

-The transformation is for one use only,because when the user transforms he slowly dies

-The power is soo great that the body conusmes itself-starting with skin-kinda like flesh eating bacteria

-User feels non stop pain

-The power is incredible and doesnt run out-only gets bigger/stronger-like in Broly Legendary ssj state.

-Broly's Legendary ssj level was an inspiration- pure rage, unlimited energy thar grows and consumes the user

-There are 5 stages of this level:

1-ewerything seems/looks normal

2-skin starts to dissolve/muscle exposure

3-more muscle exposure/skin loss

4-almost no skin left

5-death of an user
stage 1:

stage 2:

stage 3:

owl predator update

Here is some more Hate Predator hunting.

Final showdown with some alien warrior in a swamp area-only blades and raw strenght/experience.






well here are 2 new drawings from hate last stand,so its kinda like his final showdown hehe
Exchange of blows with a Bad Blood costed Hate his mask, but the precision of Hate strike costed the Bad Blood his life

Deadly Precision strenght and speed...but they wont last long now, the blood loss will take its tool.

And some DB stuff
Survival Of The Fittest
How to describe this work... Before Finding out about granting wishes dragonballs on earth, the saiyan elite trio composed of Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa were doing some dirty work for Freezer.
And on one such mission Nappa went alone-he was to seize control of some planet,where Freeza soldiers stopped sending their reports.
And those tint little biters are the answer why reports stopped comming.
They are toughter than they size tells.

Yeah it was fun idea to put almost 3m tall muscle mountain of a man against some tiny alien creatures, and Nappa took out hiss armor-so he means serious buisness.

Changeling Worst Nightmare

the idea for this is: some scientist/or whatewer :) gathered some dead bodies of fallen saiyan warriors-turned them into his slaves, they go to earth to get the king-which is Vegeta

goku Ssj4 Stage 3-2

and two commissions i did for a client



My lines, Jasmo coloring



Just a simple drawing for future refferences of my Oc Saiyan character in his normal state and casual armor.

This was based on some pages from swamp thing comic book.
This was an experiment- i wanted to make a really quick drawing.
So there was no sketch, started with black gel pen,and ended with some pencils.
It took less then an hour to draw this.

Hate Predator
I went with similiar idea like i did with "Trophy"- added some pencil(i wouldn't dare call it shading) on the drawing/lineart, and most importantly-on bigger spots on Hate's body.
Yeah background isn;t finished.
I am really pleased how it turned out.
Hope You gonna like it too.



First part is all Dragonball related:
This is a drawing i made one year ago.
New 52 superman and my oc Saiyan.

Superman is seriously fuc#ed.

Yeah-Superman would get his ass kicked by goku or Vegeta anytime- and they wouldn't even need to go to ssj 1.

I draw this based on some screen from DB movie with Janemba.
Wanted to color something hehe.

This is a shitty drawing from 2013
That would be all-This drawing sucks,another try at redesigning DB characters


Vegeta ssj 2 redesigned-i wanted for his outfit to have some saiyan armor traces

Legendary carnage
The idea for this was that after being defeated by Goku in movie 8 Broly decided to pay visit to Changeling homeworld.

Attack on Saiyan
I recently watched all episodes of Attack on titan..and well...this happened-a homage with some aliens instead of those titans
On paper the colors look better-my scanner makes colors go crazy

And now to Predator ones
alien vs predatorColoring Fail 1
This was the first take of avp i wanted to color-i didnt do it because the paper I draw this on was diffrent, more fragile.

Alien vs Predator Coloring Fail 2
second take





and personall stuff:

I dont remember if i ever posted this so here it goes-just some random predator with some skull theme to him

goku vs janemba

I was testing my new pen and decided to do a simple lineart.

Well I decided to finish the coloring -even if it looks bad.

An idea for a movie scene,or a game chapter,where human and Predator have to team up.

Here is something that probably will never happen- Lobo the movie.
Dwayne Johnson was to play the Main man, but instead they will go and make him play Black Adam.
Black Adam character sucks compared to Lobo.
So here I based his musculature/body on Dwayne Johnson (Face too, but it doesnt look like him, on pencil sketch the resemblence was way better)

Head is too big.

Just simple lines of Goku ssj 2.

Simple lineart of Vegeta ssj2.

Custom figures:
Here is custom Lobo figure-it is a repaint of Bishop from toy biz- i found this figure in a flea market for 1$, he had no hair-so i repainted him, removed some of the garbage on him and sculped his hair.

Here is a custom Crock master.

Here is Custom gi joe duke Nukem figure.
Cancelled gi joe jurrasic park head and Roadblock body

Updated Hate Predator Neca custom action figure.
I will make far superior one when AvP Predator bodies wil lbe released

Another Lobo custom.
This one has the best body proportions.

Ultimate Thor arms and head
Quanjin vos hair
Marvel universe torso and legs.

Gonna redo the legs in future

This is my most recent custom
Again Lobo
He is my favorite version so far.
Roadblock head
cancelled jurrasic park body
sculped hair

Vegeta ssj2 vs Kid Buu in shitty color.

Before the reboot of DC in new 52, when Lobo was a badass, not a metrosexual anorectic emo-he obtained a Red lantern ring.
But he never wore it, never use it.

So here is one of the possible looks he would have while wearing the red lantern ring.

Heres is my oc Predator character- nickname: Hate- this time in color.
Tools used are: some 1$flamasters and 20years old crayons.



Death Dealer

Rick as a Saiyan

Santa 2016


Blade master


Predator 2016 2

it was 3 years since the last time I have draw any predator and almost two years since i draw anything...shit

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