Alien and Predator @ Toy Fair 2020

Started by Corporal Hicks, Feb 22, 2020, 05:03:24 PM

Alien and Predator @ Toy Fair 2020 (Read 7,489 times)

Corporal Hicks

ToyFair 2020 kicks off in New York today, and we’re seeing some of the Alien and Predator goodies that are in store for us over the coming year! First up we have NECA who are showing off what appears to the third wave of their Alien: 40th Anniversary collection.

We’re going to be getting figures for both Ash and Kane! Both are brand spanking new likenesses for NECA, with NECA have previously released a facehugged version of Kane without Hurt’s likeness.

22022020_01 22022020_01a 22022020_02 22022020_02b

On the Predator side, NECA has an armoured version of The Predator’s Upgrade (or as they call it, Assassin), along with the recently unveiled Ultimate versions of three of the Lost Tribe: the Lost Predator, Scout Predator and Warrior Predator! Head on over to ToyArk to check out the full Alien and Predator gallery!

22022020_03 22022020_04 22022020_05 22022020_06 22022020_07

Having recently teased an upcoming Predator figure, Mezco are also showing off a brand new Predator and Alien figure that are a part of their One:12 Collective series. As usual, ToyArk has more pictures in their gallery!

22022020_08 22022020_09 22022020_10 22022020_11

Super7 is also at ToyFair, showing off their Aliens series, which we previously saw prototypes of at last year’s Toy Fair. Pictures via Preternia on Twitter.

22022020_12 22022020_13 22022020_14

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Update #1: Hiya Toys is also at Toy Fair, where they are showing off their Predators line! As always, thanks to ToyArk for the images!

Toy-Fair-2020-Hiya-010 Toy-Fair-2020-Hiya-011 Toy-Fair-2020-Hiya-012 Toy-Fair-2020-Hiya-013 Toy-Fair-2020-Hiya-014

Update #2 (24/02/2020) – Thanks to Matt Booker and Ross Poulter of the Weyland-Yutani Bulletin, we also have a look at Weta Workshop’s booth, where they are showing off a brand new Kane Mini Epics figure! Weta also a new Micro Epics line on display, featuring an Alien Queen (which is out now) and Ripley in a Power-loader which is due out in June.

24022020_01 24022020_02 24022020_03 24022020_04 24022020_04a 24022020_05

MegaConstrux is also showing off their wares at ToyFair, with the main attraction being their recently unveiled Halo Infinite line. But while showing off their own releases, an Alien Queen is seen center stage in the middle of the wall from 3:20! Thanks to Xenomorphing for the catch.

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Liking the Kane and Ash figures. Looks like they're doing a 1/4 scale Ash figure.


Ash comes with the magazine. I daresay that's brilliant.

Corporal Hicks

And updated with Hiya Toy's offerings!

Quote from: Darkness on Feb 22, 2020, 05:35:26 PM
Liking the Kane and Ash figures. Looks like they're doing a 1/4 scale Ash figure.

I believe they tend to do the prototypes in a much larger scale, so I don't think we'll be seeing him at 1/4.


I love that they're doing the unarmored form for the Assassin Predator though I wish they'd have gone the extra mile and actually used his unarmored form rather than apply the paint job to the armored base. I guess they want to get the most out of the mold but I'd have appreciated it a bit more if they went ahead and used it. I'm still buying the figure but it's already lost points in my book.

Rebecca kennedy

Rebecca kennedy

I hope you make more predator movies & put figurines on the shop floor in Australia sell figurines for 60.00 to a hundred dollars Kmart has the lay by & so does target



Hi   Thanks neca to do human characters , not just monsters .... Ash with a journal !!! And 2 differents head . Great job. When the others one ?  When a diorama , as they did for predator 2 ( skull wall ) ?   
Perfect.  Regards. PVC



The weapons with the Warrior look interesting, might get him and the Scout. I already have the 2 Lost Predator variants, if only they had released one like that earlier.

I can't believe they choose to make Ultimate out of the P2 ones instead of Wolf, which came out so much earlier and is on a need of a new release. I hope they release like an ultimate Wolf vs Predalien pack instead of making a lots of variants before releasing such a pack.

Corporal Hicks

Via Xenomorphing. Looks like they're doing some more of those Alien Mega Construx.

Corporal Hicks

Updated again with Weta Workshop's booth. Pictures via Matt Booker/Ross Poulter on the Weyland-Yutani BUlletin.

Voodoo Magic

Loving all the pics!

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks


I kind of really want those reaction aliens figures...

Corporal Hicks

Same! I like the retro looking ones. I don't have many of the Alien ones, but I'm quite tempted with the Colonial Marines and the Nightfall Alien. I like the blue tint.

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