AVPGALAXYS most HATED Alien/Predator/AVP film

Started by littlesprout, Jun 20, 2023, 09:45:51 PM

Well which one(s) you got?

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Alien 3
1 (2.5%)
Alien Resurrection
5 (12.5%)
7 (17.5%)
Alien Covenant
11 (27.5%)
0 (0%)
Predator 2
0 (0%)
1 (2.5%)
The Predator
29 (72.5%)
0 (0%)
8 (20%)
23 (57.5%)

Total Members Voted: 40

AVPGALAXYS most HATED Alien/Predator/AVP film (Read 2,952 times)


I genuinely like Prometheus as well, the only scene I still don't really like is the guy trying to touch the worm, other than they I enjoy the film a lot.

Alien covenant I love all the way up until the xenomorph. It just felt rushed and unnecessary to be in the film. I like the idea that the prequel trilogy would have the third installment introducing the alien we know.
It felt so odd how they introduced the alien and how the facegugger barely touches the guy and how quickly the aliens grow to full size. CG looked off on it too.
I felt like the final ship battle scene could have been all time but even that felt rushed and the suspense died off quickly.
Really wish they just stuck with the neceomorph and had that sneak on the ship at the end and then they still could have kept the David sneaking faceguggers on board for the third installment

Nightmare Asylum

I'm mostly cool with the proto-Alien in Covenant's third act. My one real hangup there is that I think there should have only been one of them, instead of one dying and immediately being replaced by a second one. The one that David, proud father that he is, watches emerge from Oram should have survived its encounter with the crane on the lander and somehow made its way onto the Covenant for the final encounter with Daniels.


I could feel the spite when that thing showed up.

It has no real introduction. Just there, jumps in, murders some people, gets ganked. Outside of the acid blood and different appearance it's functionally no different to the neomorphs.

Immortan Jonesy

They should have made the Alien fight and win the Neomorph as some kind of sadistic and biomechanical serial killer vs the more feral behaviour of the neos 8)  I understand the whole "the future is biomechanical" direction but it was a waste of Alien presence. So either that, or they wait for the third prequel to show the first Alien.  ;D 👉👈

I still love this scene though. It's like a whole other movie that I want to see and I end up suddenly there...😭👉👈

I know people want Aliens in their Alien Media, but I hope Noah has things like that in the TV series. Also RBW revival!🥺


Prometheus isn't the worst of the franchise, but it is the one that angers me the most.  Definitely MY most hated. 


Quote from: Kimarhi on Jul 03, 2023, 01:32:54 AMPrometheus isn't the worst of the franchise, but it is the one that angers me the most.  Definitely MY most hated. 
Same here, Prometheus it's my most hated movie of the franchise. Alien Resurrection at least is dumb fun, with some very cool scenes and it doesn't make any damage to the lore. Even Alien Covenant also has his good things too.

Local Trouble

Quote from: Kimarhi on Jul 03, 2023, 01:32:54 AMPrometheus isn't the worst of the franchise, but it is the one that angers me the most.  Definitely MY most hated. 

I don't recall your review of it.  What did you hate about it so much?



Not this time. 


We probably should ask ChatGPT to review it

Local Trouble

Quote from: Kimarhi on Jul 03, 2023, 05:35:25 AM;)

Not this time. 

Did you see it for the first time in some exotic foreign land?


I think the first time I watched it was in Bardstown, Ky.  But I was only there because that was the unit I left with to go to an exotic land.

Corporal Hicks

Honestly, the only films I actively Hate with a capital H are AvPR and The Predator. I generally try to focus on the positive, and there are small elements of potential in both of them, but they pale in comparison to the other okay/no so great films in the franchise thinking specifically Alien: Resurrection and AvP there (for me, at least).

I was considering also voting for Prometheus, but I find it more frustrating than being something I hate.


I voted AvP because it's the only one I find to be totally joyless and plastic, regardless of how dogshit a few of the others are.


The worst are The Predator and AvPR. 

AvP I'll always give SOME props to for going the opposite way with the matchup.  One Alien killing two Predators, and no humanized broken tusk pred character (I think they tried with scar or whatever they called him but they could hardly write human characters so I don't count it), nobody saw that coming on release.  It was soulless, with nonsensical things like the accelerated lifecycle that you literally didn't need to include, wooden characters who nobody gave AF about, and stupid death scenes like Weyland's, but it is still somewhat watchable to me.  It's like the new version of MK.  Old MK was better, but new MK was a trainwreck that I couldn't stop watching. 

That said it was big wrestling predators against cgi Aliens.  They did an advert for the movie in a college football game where the announcers kind of act like salesman for the movie (generally nothing more than, "looks interesting, can't wait to see it when its out,") and they showed the predator slinging the Alien around by its tail, and you could tell that both announcers thought it was so stupid that they were flabbergasted as to what to say.  Finally one of them finished with (and I paraphrase), "Gee it looks like that one guy rung his bell," and that was it.  It made me lol. 



Quote from: Kimarhi on Jul 06, 2023, 08:50:23 PMThe worst are The Predator and AvPR.

Objectively correct, but I still feel like both of them have more of a sense of "fun" about them than AvP, even if both are basically unwatchable.

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