Request of info related to Engineers demise and Alien Origins

Started by paxromana, May 15, 2023, 04:38:49 PM

Request of info related to Engineers demise and Alien Origins (Read 399 times)


Hi all,

Lately I've been searching for info non-related to the films themselves about the origin of the aliens and the demise of the Engineers as Species.

I know that Jon Spaiths wrote a treatment about the origin and final destiny of the Engineers during the first stage of development of Prometheus film. Then, once Lindelof took charge of writing the final script, he added the black goo plot, but maintaing almost all the info related to the Engineers (Sacrifical Engineer, Engineers seeding planets, etc...)

Well, reading Alien RPG Colonial Marines Operations Manual, on page 219, it says:

"THE DESTROYING ANGEL: Eons ago, one of their kind feared the end of their legacy was near—if they had not transcended existence before their line ran out, they would cease to exist. This fallen god wanted to know what more there was in the universe, and so dared to part the heavens themselves in search of answers. He was rewarded—but not as he had expected. He was gifted with the embrace of a destroying angel. Soon he birthed their lord, the divine Space Beast, which then passed judgment
on many of their kind. After a millennium of stagnation—in death, a Nephilim had created new life (according to Jannes, the Destroying Angels and the Space Beast are both iterations of P. praepotens). The fallen gods collected their lord's blood and harvested its mutagenic qualities to create new life amongst the stars, thus seeding their DNA and ensuring their legacy—if not themselves—would survive. Eventually the blood of their lord was lost, but the black accelerant is their re-creation of that life blood—a destroying force that creates life anew."

Searching the net, I came across a fake script supposed to be written by Lindelof (DRAFT NO# 17 ORANGE REVISION) although he commented years ago that it was fake but written by someone of this  forum (at least is the info that I have read) that said the following on page 51:

"David arrives by Holloway's side and looks at this mural. David walks up to it and reads the Engineer LANGUAGE THERE ARE NO SUBTITLES when David speaks out the language.

DAVID (Engineer language)
Our lord came from the chosen one in the time when
our ancestors birthed life. His sacred blood was our
salvation. His sacred blood through our lips birthed
life on other worlds.

What do you think are inside these Urns or Vases,
whatever they are?

I am not entirely certain, but I believe the humanoid
seen being attacked orally gave birth to this being and
your Engineers worshiped it. I believe what is ever
inside these capsules is something these engineers
might be some kind of experiment. If my translation
is correct then they were trying to recreate the blood
of this being whom they worshiped."

Well, my question is: Where does all this info come from? I mean, which is the source? Because if it appears on an officially related item (Alien RPG), in theory it must come from somewhere official, and I don't remember to have read this outside the RPG or the fake script.

Does someone remember something like this? From Film Commentaries or web related info?

Any help will be much appreciated!

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