Social Media Posts Regarding "The Predator"..

Started by Pvt. Himmel, Jul 30, 2016, 04:50:01 PM

Social Media Posts Regarding "The Predator".. (Read 305,319 times)



And cocky,  irritating as f**k attitude. Guys appearing out of nowhere claiming to have a source ( which is bullshit of course) are a constant on such subs. It should be another Internet rule or something  :D

Corporal Hicks

Alright lads, we're not childish. Let's not turn this into a bash IMDB thread.


Does anyone here think they'd actually keep the cast a secret up until the week before filming? Is that even possible?

My biggest fear is that the shooting date comes and goes and the project gets delayed a year or so. I'm feeling anxious!   :-\


You guys don't remember waiting forever for Adrien's announcement? Predators began shooting September 28th, and he was announced as the lead on October 7th lol.


How far into the whole thing do we get to know the plot?

The Wolverine Predator

My question is why can't this movie come out by Thanksgiving of 2017 and be a 30 year anniversary from the original, since it's supposed to film here shortly, instead we have to wait until Feb 2018....can't take it anymore....I want some news!!!



Quote@TheInSneider I just hope it's not another ALIEN5 thing.. because I started hearing rumblings last summer they were shooting A5 in Vancouver
Quote@TheInSneider so when they setup THE PREDATOR at the same stages in Vancouver, it was a sign that they did pull the plug at the last minute

Johnny Handsome

Quote from: UKpredfan on Sep 14, 2016, 03:15:57 PM

From Facebook:

QuoteByron Browne.
14. September um 08:49 ·

Looks like I have a date with destiny thank you sis Alycia Browne and your cool ass Fiancee Sir. Mr. Evans.. Im excited I blocked off the week of october 25th. I see the Predator killing me on the big screen soon

If he gets a part, it's probably just for fodder.

Corporal Hicks

It's good to know people!  :P


Getting killed by Predator onscreen is probably the greatest accomplishment one can achieve.

Corporal Hicks

He said he'll keep me informed so hopefully find out if he gets the part later.

Johnny Handsome

Seems like they are casting people while they are shooting, because he mentions october 25th, that would be a week after they began shooting, it's not that unusual though, Fishburne was cast as Noland in Predators a couple of weeks into principal photography.

But, that could also mean they maybe did delay filming to Feb. '18 after all  :(

I wrote Dekker on Facebook about this, but didn't get a respond this time.

The Wolverine Predator

He has only responded once hours before the  Del Toro new broke, nothing since

Corporal Hicks

Dekker doesn't post too much. He said something about being more careful what he posts after that picture he posted went viral.

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