Predators iPhone Game Gets Updated

Started by Corporal Hicks, Oct 02, 2010, 04:00:17 PM

Predators iPhone Game Gets Updated (Read 5,715 times)

Corporal Hicks

The Predators iPhone game released by Chillingo and Angry Mob has recently received a rather beefy update:

The update includes new Predator enemies, new weapons and new kill moves. The game received mainly positive reviews for its original release. Be sure to check out the trailer for the update. Thanks to HeavenlyBIGFOOT, Requiem28 and others for the news. You should also check out a recent interview Mr. Weyland did with the developers and publishers of the game.

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I got to say guys. The game is without doubt worth every penny and is an absolute blast on the iphone or ipod touch. The recent free updates are amazing and further increasing the games replay value. Predator fans should have this already.

dark blade enemy

Does the game let you go up high and be silent or do you have fight the humans the way you would fight aliens in a avp game.

maXen (Predalien)

maXen (Predalien)

I've just stuck in last mission with Mr.Black. >:(  The Game's awesome, especially after update. Now we have one extra mask, Razor Whip from AvPR? 3 extra sculls, 'bout 8 additional missions and two new game modes (survival and waves).

Game's GREAT! Waiting for Aliens joinin' the party!
Predaliens - FOREVER!!!

PS: I was the first one who left the comment to the game in Russian App Store!  8)


there is stealth in the game based around only your cloak device but its a solid game with loads of replay value and tones of collectables. trophies, xp, upgradable weapons, achievements. all action lovers and gore lovers must buy.


dam, i don't have a i-thing, maybe they will port this to psp as a psn game, someday,... never


i agree, it would make a great PS Mini, but yeah, it'll never happen :(



It's also only $.99 now



HOW the hell do u defeat Mr Black?? STUUUCKK :o  ???


Looks pretty impressive for a phone game.


Wish they would make an android version....

help me kill mr black!!!!

help me kill mr black!!!!

seriously i have got him down both of his two lives to last drop of life left but always get killed then as his last drop seems to be VERY hard to finish...any tips?

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