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Yeah, I'd imagine it was a reference puppet.

bobby brown

bobby brown

I do actually prefer the mouth of the Huante/concept neomorph. (the one in my avatar) It looks so human, I love that. it looks like it might wail in pain with an eerie human quality to its voice.

The Old One

The Old One

I don't, I prefer the final version myself.
Leave the human mouth for the Alien.

choccy milk


There's a couple of reasons you have a practical effect when it ultimately comes down to primarily being CGI

1. Practical FX are intended but the Director decides to change all of it to CGI. This does happen and notably happened to The Thing prequel. We also know that to an extent something like that happened on Alien: Covenant so this could be a situation like this.
2. It could be an attempt at a particular FX that didn't turn out in the final product.
3. It could be a stand-in for the computer FX team and or actors to know what they're looking at.

Most likely its the third option


For Covenant it was option three. It was always going to be mostly CG monsters, with practical stand ins.

choccy milk

Quote from: SiL on Apr 14, 2019, 09:38:53 PM
For Covenant it was option three. It was always going to be mostly CG monsters, with practical stand ins.
Indeed. Here's some shameless links of my behind-the-scenes essays, and also an interview I did with Odd Studio head Adam Johansen.

Corporal Hicks

And our own >>

QuoteAvPGalaxy – We've seen a physical Alien costume in the behind-the-scenes footage and the cast has talked about being chased down the sets by a man in a suit. However, in the finished film the majority of the creature effects look to have been replaced digitally. From what I've gathered this was the plan all along? I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on this?

Adam Johansen – Originally, there wasn't going to be any creature suits, with our work load consisting of all the burster scenes/fx, some creature puppets (chest burster, face huggers), prosthetics, dummies, over 100 engineer corpses, working eggs and a whole of bunch of creatures and experiments for David's Lab. However, 2 months before filming Ridley expressed he wanted creature suits for the Xenomorph (one full scale, over 9ft tall bunraku suit worn by Andrew Crawford and a traditional smaller scale foam latex suit worn by Goran D. Kleut) and the adult Neomorph suit again, worn by Goran.

In addition to the suits, we made a full scale torso animatronic Xenomorph puppet. Ridley likes shooting everything in camera and wanted the practical creature suits on set, to work out his shots and also so VFX had real elements and movements they could use when required. The final designs of the creatures were all realised in the creature department, which was a great honour.

The Old One

The Old One

2 months? Madman.

Local Trouble

Quote from: Omegamorph on Apr 14, 2019, 10:03:32 AMOdd Studio's reference puppet head.

Why did they give it Donald Trump's mouth?

The Old One

The Old One

Because of 2 months.

Baron Von Marlon


QuoteThis week the Sarabande Foundation, established by Lee Alexander McQueen, launched a series of plates at the LAPADA Art and Antiques fair. The plates were debuted at their Craftsman's Dinner, with each place setting completed by one of the remarkable pieces.

Each plate features a hand drawn design; Sir Ridley Scott's is an intricate sketch taken from his 2015 film Prometheus.

The Eighth Passenger

His original idea for the suits were a lot bulkier it seems. More in line with what we saw in Alien Covenant during the EVA scene.  This design actually looks almost "Steam Punk-ish", even has a large chimney on the back.

That "Hi-Tec Ruk Sac" reminds me of the Imperial torture droids from SW.

What's the deal with the dripping Napalm though?  ??? :laugh:

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