New IGN Prey: Predator Legacy Featurette

Started by ace3g, Aug 01, 2022, 05:10:42 PM

New IGN Prey: Predator Legacy Featurette (Read 5,394 times)


Lots of brief new shots


The way the pred moves when he swings his staff during the fight towards the end, sent shivers down my spine. Its so elegant and full of killing movement.


I like the behind the scenes stuff, looks like it was shot properly so hopefully we'll get a nice behind the scenes featurette (longer than 90 seconds anyay) at some point after release

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Doomofman on Aug 01, 2022, 05:41:35 PMI like the behind the scenes stuff, looks like it was shot properly so hopefully we'll get a nice behind the scenes featurette (longer than 90 seconds anyay) at some point after release

Yeah, that was my thinking too. Looks like they produced some behind-the-scenes content so I'm hopeful for a home-release.



Predator 1 is great but I love how they ignore mentioning others which really established the character like Predator 2. Any true Predator fan loves Predator 2. If you only like the first you're barely a Pred fan.


Keeps looking better and better.  :o  :o  :o



Here is another Amber video interview. Near the end around 01:47,  she talks about the behind the scenes training with the dog.



I was able to cut to the section of the interview where she is talking about training with the dog

The Shuriken

Feral's movements and body language definitely arent like KPH or Ian Whyte. But that's ok. Feral has a lot ferocity in his movements. Very brutal looking.


I understand why they focus on the 1st one, it is just the best.
It is all marketing,  they know it.
We fans,  we know Pred 2 is a good sequel,  adding lore etc...(lore that leads to AVP 🤔🤔🤣)
But the very fact is, the large audience will nerver be aware of that production still...
So...only fans (not in one word 🤣) will notice it as barely no effects on Prey success


I'm glad that they seem to be completely ignoring any of the AVP stuff.



 @BIOROBOT they're really not. The director already said it's "Feral's" first hunt not the entire species. So it all fits nicely 😎



@MathieuFromFrance yeah I basically agree with what you said how they know the average person who isn't really a fan of the series or invested in it may only really know P1. Lastly I'll always say AvP is underrated. Sure it should have been like comics and games and R rated but it's still awesome. We have Lance in that movie that alone gives it a serious boost.


Damn I wish I hadn't seen Naru's war cry.



Yeah, the scenes themselves look pretty awesome, but i gotta say, its really irritating to me that Dan is fully spoiling the ending.
He literally said in multiple interviews during the last weeks that it was "important to him that Naru takes the Pred down on her own" and such.
And now here hes saying the question is "how this character with her self-made weapon is going to beat an advanced enemy". Not IF shes able brings it down at all.
Yeah, we all know the chances of the Pred dying at the end are always extremely high, but i dont really like the fact that hes basically spilling the confirmation of that out every chance he gets.
It definitely takes away a great amount of tension for me when not even the director himself tries to keep the ending unpredictable.

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