Why did the predator check the burnt cigar and leaf in the skinned bison's scene

Started by frasermaxx, Aug 25, 2022, 07:35:32 AM

Why did the predator check the burnt cigar and leaf in the skinned bison's scene (Read 1,668 times)


In the scene of the skinned Bison's why was the predator particularly interested in checking out the burnt cigar and leaf left by Naru on the Bison's skull?


Examining signs of prey like a hunter does.


I'm guessing this is the first time he comes into contact with something showing a certain level of skill thats obviously above the animals he has been killing and doesn't match the comanche.

This is the first time he comes in contact with the French. The leaf shows the difference between them and the comanche.


I didn't think it was a cigar I thought it was a bullet shell, but now I realise that makes no sense what so ever  :P


I have heard multiple people say that actually.

Corporal Hicks

I didn't realize what it was until after I'd already watched the film once.



Possibly the Predator has  highly developed sense of smell. It would stand out from the surrounding plant life. Since it was a cultivated plant. Which would give reason to examine it.

The leaf...placement. It obviously put there...why?


Feral was definitely a smeller. I thought it was pretty cool seeing that aspect on screen, very hunter-like behavior. If only there was a bit more of that.


He'd heard from the Emissaries that Earth had great cigars and wanted to see if they were telling the truth.


Again, how are all these objects singled out by a being using infrared vision?


Same way you can see a green object against a green background.


the cubans are behind all of this?


Just tracking.

He's just examining at signs of the prey he is hunting. Like how modern deer hunters would look for signs of deer via tracks, fur, scat, or feeding/resting areas.


I maintain he just really wanted a stogie.

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