Questions for Dane Diliegro (Feral Predator)

Started by Corporal Hicks, Aug 19, 2022, 08:04:58 AM

Questions for Dane Diliegro (Feral Predator) (Read 671 times)

Corporal Hicks

We're going to be chatting to the man-inside-the-suit shortly. As always I wanted to offer you fine folk out there the chance to post any questions you had.


On a scale of 1 to 1 milliion, how hot was it inside ?


How did he manage to keep his face down or neck tucked in as the animatronic head was mounted on his head, and did he ever channel the iconic Kevin Peter Hall movements for the role?


How does he feel about the design overall, did he know about Dan Trachtenberg's and Michael Vincent's physiological justifications for the design, and ultimately did it influence the way he performed Feral?



Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Aug 19, 2022, 08:04:58 AMWe're going to be chatting to the man-inside-the-suit shortly. As always I wanted to offer you fine folk out there the chance to post any questions you had.
- What were the directions given during filming? The Predator always seems 'on the edge'

- What was it like inside the suit in the location climate? Did he need to 'cool off' frequently or were there internal fans that cooled it down?

- How cumbersome was it inside the suit? We have seen animatronic heads and the likes... how heavy were they?

- How did he put the suit on? Was it a tight fit (shaved core) or not?

- How much time was needed between him coming in the trailer to put the suit on and him ready to film?


Were you cautioned on certain movements that would damage the suit.

Was your vision restricted direct sight...peripheral vision?

Did you have to compensate for certain movements in the suit to maintain stability / balance?


- Given how cold it was, was the suit comfortable as a result?

- What was your backstory for Feral and how did it inform the depiction?

- If given the option what weapon or gadget do you wish Feral got to use?

- What was your reaction to the animatronic head? Did you feel it looked as good as the CGI head? There seems to be a lot of love for the practical head and given you wore it how did you feel about it?

- How exactly did the suit-up work? A lot of us are curious about how the backpack and bolt gun stay affixed.


This'll be a good one to listen to for sure!

-How difficult was it to get the head movements you wanted, given that Feral's head was sitting on top of your own in the suit? Did you have to find a "sweet spot" between moving your own head and body too much and not moving enough when it came to movements like Feral whipping his head round quickly?

-We've heard from other suit performers before that they've often taken inspiration from animal movements to help inform their creature performances. Was there anything in particular that you studied prior to playing Feral that informed your movements, or that helped give you an idea of how you wanted to portray him?

-How much Dane could a woodDane Dane if a woodDane could Dane wood?


- What was roughly the weight of the suit with the head on ?

- What was his favorite weapon in this movie ?


what percent of the acting was you? did you have a stunt double?

The Shuriken

Do you want to continue being the Predator for as many movies as possible?

Do you have a particular favorite Predator design from any media?


Any valuable takeaways playing as a predator? Like skills you learned to carry to your next role?

...also give him a kiss on the cheek.


Would like to know when Kyle Strauts Predator scenes were switched/replaced with Dane Diliegro scenes and why?


First i want to say, great work! You have done the best predator since Ian Whyte and Kevin Peter Hall. You were amazing!

How many predator heads did you wear?

Was the masked predator with the exposed mandibles a separate head from the unmasked animatronic head. Or was the mask detachable from the "hero" mask?

Corporal Hicks

Hi folk, we recorded this last night! Thanks everyone for the questions. We had a tighter amount of time than expected, but did manage to ask some of your questions. Should hopefully be released early to mid-September. :)

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