Interesting read: Earth maybe hunting ground for loser Predators

Started by frasermaxx, Aug 15, 2022, 07:23:34 AM

Interesting read: Earth maybe hunting ground for loser Predators (Read 1,516 times)


Keep reading that the arrow is somehow worse than the plasma caster.

It can shoot 3 individual shots simultaneously which can all be aimed at seperate targets....

That doesn't sound like a massive downgrade to me.


Nightmare Asylum

Yeah, I don't really see it as a predecessor to the plasmacaster so much as an alternative. There's no reason to think that the plasmacaster doesn't exist at the time of Prey, and that Feral just opted to roll out with a different weapon in his kit.


Quote from: SiL on Aug 19, 2022, 06:21:30 AMThis is possibly the dumbest take.

Jungle Hunter took out two special forces teams single handed but he's actually a reject because he accidentally stood in the wrong place?

The next one has a whole taskforce after it that lays a careful trap that fails, but basically distracts the thing long enough to get overwhelmed.

Both those movies clearly establish Predators like to come, hunt, and leave - successfully.

Fugitive is killed by another Predator and Assassin clearly wasn't considered a bitch.

Feral was the only one that was actually probably inexperienced and proving himself. That's one out of four earthbound hunters that maybe fits the description.

The Predators barely lose, that's what makes it exciting to see them defeated.

I was writing this but I see SiL already demolished cbr pretty well


was the ship in Prey the first pred ship ever to enter earth's atmosphere?

if it was the feral is most likely one of first 2 or 3 pred s to ever set foot on earth.


Quote from: Huntsman on Aug 19, 2022, 11:28:05 AMIt's more a matter of the films following the general template of the original. Which I'm well and truly ready for them to break away from.
They did that with Predators and The Predator and people complained.


I cringed so hard reading this. "Jungle hunter killed an elite squad of soldiers all by himself but eventually got bested by one of them....what a loser!" I swear some Predator fanboys will never be satisfied until the predators are portrayed as a bunch of unstoppable Mary-sues.

Local Trouble

JH killed two elite squads.  Jim Hopper's team were Green Berets.


Quote from: Local Trouble on Aug 19, 2022, 08:36:53 PMJH killed two elite squads.  Jim Hopper's team were Green Berets.
And it made JH cocky. He was most carefull still, but just happened to stand under a log.

Same in P2: kills a bunch of coked out gang members armed to their teeth, then another hand full in a penthouse, then moves on to more level headed but lesser armed threats. Kills Danny-boy, kills the Lone Ranger, almost kills Leona when he notices a second heartbeat. Then almost gets outsmarted by an elite squad, get's shot in the chest, chopped off an arm, basically crawls home, and starts slipping up out of desparation, and loses to a fit but slightly aging cop who's strongest card is being tenacious.

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