Favorite scenes and shots in Prey?

Started by nanison, Aug 12, 2022, 10:22:26 PM

Favorite scenes and shots in Prey? (Read 1,504 times)


The brutality in how Feral disposes of his enemies is great in this movie for sure.



That cave shot is living rent free in my head, no doubt. Movie looks pretty great overall, it's very well shot, and that burnt forest scene. That was some gloriously self-indulgent Predator spectacle.

City Hunter Yautja

pred falling into the the Frenchmen's traP was my favorite! Flint lock guns are futile! I loved how the Frenchmen were like "waif we need to reload." XD



Despite the directors comments on the predator technology to me it feels like the species regressed in 200 years time instead of getting more technologically advanced.
It would have been cooler if it was more predator medieval.


Quote from: BigDaddyJohn on Aug 14, 2022, 12:42:29 PMThe one with Feral smelling the ashes was really cool. Those are the ones that made him feel like an actual predator. If only they were a lot more...
That was cool but his fingers look suspiciously lean and not sausage fingers like in other scenes. Also his nails are pretty pointy in this scene. (Looks like it was CGI) I feel Ferals design should have had slimmer fingers and not sausage like.


It is not something I picked up on except for the contrast between that and the healing scene.

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