Does anyone know who is doing the score for Prey?

Started by frasermaxx, Jun 06, 2022, 11:10:17 AM

Does anyone know who is doing the score for Prey? (Read 657 times)


Just saw the trailer and its looks bloody good. The Predator design is pretty cool too, has that primitive touch with the exposed mandibles (just hope ADI does a good job with the unmasked face though)

One thing that will surely tie to the rest will be the score. I hope they bring in those classic music cues and new suspenseful brooding music. I just wish Alan Silvestri gets another take on this. That will be the icing on this. Any composer announced on this yet?

Corporal Hicks

We don't know at the minute, I'm afraid.

Nightmare Asylum

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to seeing Bear McCreary reunite with Trachtenberg on this one.

Corporal Hicks

I would be all over that. I loved his work on Battlestar. And he worked on God of War that Kyle and Brian used to use to get into the frame of mind for The Predator. That'd be a nice deep cut.


I love his work so absolutely yes please

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