Trailer analysis and thoughts about plot

Started by Master, Jun 05, 2022, 06:11:33 PM

Trailer analysis and thoughts about plot (Read 2,769 times)



When can we expect a new podcast to listen to  ;D


I wonder if they showed us how the Predator die's.

That bit with her screaming at the end has a really big " I just jumped into a spike" vibe. The classic how do I beat a bigger thing than me kill.



Trailer looks OK but are we really gonna get a six stone girl taking on a Predator?  i mean come on.  I dont care if she has every trick in the book there is just no way that is going to work. 

And why her?  who has trained her?  where does she learn all these techniques?  self trained i suppose?  I think we are getting a bit too much MsheU in this.



I mean, there's many ways for her to defeat the predator, as long as it feels earned, and that we feel she has gone through A LOT in the movie in order to succeed.

On a side note though, it is more complicated for her compared to Dutch to pull off some specific tricks, like the decisive big log trap, which he was able to do only with his physical strength.

So I think worrying about the fact that she could defeat a predator in a believable way is not an entirely invalid point either, I'm just staying on the optimistic side of things.

Also, at 1:53 in the trailer, it looks like there's a head or some body part attached to the spear when it hits the tree  ;D

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