Full Prey Trailer Officially Released Alongside New Poster!

Started by Bat Chain Puller, Jun 04, 2022, 09:32:53 PM

Full Prey Trailer Officially Released Alongside New Poster! (Read 46,819 times)


If we want to stay optimistic, its possible that the physical window when it comes to Hulu projects could be +12 months.


And I'll give it 12 months before I buy a bootleg that I probably won't ever watch since it's easier to just open Hulu than get off the couch and put the disc in... because I'm an idiot.


Another thing I was thinking of is if deals were signed before the decision to go to streaming was made, traditionally those deals would automatically include physical releases. Prey was always a 20th Century project and was developed alongside The Predator. But the production greenlight probably didn't come till after the Disney buyout, right? Depending on when the decision was made to go to streaming, we first heard of it during the lawsuit while the movie was in production, then the deals would've had to be revised or physical is inevitable under those original production contracts.

Deciding to go to streaming after the fact is what caused all kinds of headaches for WB during their HBOMax covid release. If the decision was made before anything was signed, and the greenlight was given, then obviously the odds start dropping.

Or maybe I'm just thinking in circles here, to try and stay optimistic.

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