The Other PREY (the 2006 video game)

Started by skhellter, May 20, 2022, 10:21:45 AM

The Other PREY (the 2006 video game) (Read 676 times)


the 2006 video game Prey is a scifi action horror story with native-american protagonists.

So there's some overlap outside of the shared titles which makes this worth knowing about.

It's a pretty well regarded game and
Civvie's review is a good watch:


Haha, I thought of that game too ! I remember peeking from behind my dad's back as he was playing it. Good days, good times

Civvie is great in general. His taste in humour is right up my alley


There's also Prey (2017) and the unreleased Prey game from the 90s.


The 90's one ended up as the one in the OP, eventually. Dunno if it's truly unreleased.


There's also "The Prey", starring Danny Trejo! ;D

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