20th Century Studios President, Steve Asbell, Talks Prey Time Setting

Started by Whos_Nick, Mar 04, 2022, 01:10:38 AM

20th Century Studios President, Steve Asbell, Talks Prey Time Setting (Read 13,267 times)

Voodoo Magic

I think you mean color.  :D

Nah, I say if you gotta pick one, the Thomas Brothers knows best!


Not in this neighbourhood  ;D

I don't see why you have to pick one. They wrote Gray because they're American, but it's plenty common to adapt spelling even for proper names (grey/gray whale, fox, etc)


I'm pretty sure I've used both spellings numerous times throughout the forum, depending how other people are spelling it at the time  :P


Voodoo Magic

I think Greyback is the most widely used because those darn Brits at Xenopedia, who were also the ones got everyone believing Arnold was going to play the Keyes role in Predator 2. Heck, they still have pics on Xenopedia of twin Mexican Restaurant owners (also named Thomas) as Jim and John Thomas! :P

Still love the Xenopedia guys though.

Here we are:






Grayback it is then.

Even if Grey's just better lol

And if I try searching it on Google it autocorrects to Greyback

Voodoo Magic

Even Stan Winston Studios uses Greyback. I'm the last of Mohicans. :D


Then I guess Greyback it is!

Voodoo Magic

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