Alien TV Series From Noah Hawley and Ridley Scott CONFIRMED

Started by Nukiemorph, Dec 10, 2020, 11:03:29 PM

Alien TV Series From Noah Hawley and Ridley Scott CONFIRMED (Read 157,957 times)


Nightmare Asylum


Well, this has just been officially announced then.


Guess it's not prequel related, then.

Hope they're still developing that alongside this show.

judge death

Taking place on earth, makes me alittle worried as that would ina  way bite what the movies did and ripley and some lore made to make sure the xenos never got there. (AVP isnt canon). But have to see.

I also remember they said it will focus more on the people and drama there rather than having the xenos show up often and going after twitter most seem to be asking for space adventures with space marines so have to see how that will go with the average person who most likely only seen aliens movie.

Is ridley scott really doing this series? the reveal on twitter dont say his name but someone else? I hope more that he is working on the final movie in his trilogy series rather than a tv series.

Good to see so much alien material in the works but this can bite back if disney handle the alien series as they did with star wars, that didnt go down well with the fans or how the franchise is valued now, disney have a tendency to milk their franchises dry and then scrapping it.


The Alien on Earth only means one thing.

Gr33n M4n

I hope they let Ridley Scott complete his trilogy.


Why on Earth.


Nightmare Asylum

Yeah the Earth thing has me very, uhhhh........ Well, it soured the announcement. I'm hopeful but, that tempers the excitement.

Gr33n M4n

I'd prefer some kind of Moon colony for the setting. Even if it were our Moon.

Nightmare Asylum

I do love Hawley, though, and I'm excited to have Ridley on. I would have preferred something post-Covenant but we'll have to see, I guess. Only time will really tell.



Seen sense in going to TV. Good move. Earth setting is not to bad, earth setting in the " Not too distant future" sounds a bit weird.

I don't see why they can't film it like Earth and just call it LV-69, you can literally just pretend your somewhere else that just happens to look exactly like earth  :D


Earth is such a bad choice. So many places it could've been. But, noooo. Gotta be Earth because reasons.


Set not too far in the future here on earth, well uh.. That's going to be really awkward if it's set before Prometheus/Covenant & includes Xenomorphs.

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