What was the viewership for "Prey" on Hulu?

Started by Cougerboy, Aug 09, 2022, 09:21:14 AM

What was the viewership for "Prey" on Hulu? (Read 9,072 times)


Anyone got any idea what the ratings were for "Prey" on Hulu? How many new subscribers did the movie attract? How many existing Hulu subscribers turned in to watch the film?


I would like to know as well

Mike’s Monsters

It was the most watched on Hulu Canada over the weekend from a post I recall seeing. I'm sure we'll see some numbers soon.


Sounds like it's been doing pretty well!

Please to be taking note of this, Mr. Disney!



Nightmare Asylum

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Oh, this news rocks. 8) Very well deserved.

Would be nice if Disney/20th started taking note of the success this is having and reconsidering their plans to release Fede Alvarez's Alien movie direct to Hulu.


Places like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are tweeting about it too, so they've got to have at last noticed that's it's being received extremely well both critically and in terms of viewership numbers.

(Bad Blood)

Outstanding! This is amazing news!


Nice. I think the franchise was reborn now.


That's awesome. I never thought I'd see the day where a Predator film has a 80% audience score on rotten tomatoes and have a the best premiere on a streaming platform. This bodes well for the future of the predator series. Hopefully we can get a series or a sequel out of this! With all of this attention for Prey it's a great day to be a predator fan.


Psssssst Hulu/Disney imagine the extra money you'd get if you released a uncut, superduper hard R, Snyder cut extended 4K steelbook  8)


Great news! Good win for the franchise!


Great news! Absolutely love to see it! It's honestly crazy to see so many people talking about Predator all over the internet.

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