space jockey's HQ: a tomb of booby traps?

Started by orchidal, Mar 18, 2012, 08:45:53 PM

space jockey's HQ: a tomb of booby traps? (Read 658 times)



So with the new trailer out, and the reveal that many, if not all, of our Prometheus characters will undergo physical/mental changes...I'm beginning to think that the SJ's headquarters will turn out to be a place of escallating mechanical and biological booby traps that will make up most of the film's thrills and runtime. I believe it fits the whole archeological aspect of the film, resonnating off of early 20th century explorations of egyptian pyramids. It fits perfectly...the pilot's room even has 4 sarcophogusses. I look at the ampule room now as a room full of "dna containing urns" just as the egyptians would keep smaller containers of their mumified pets to the grave with them. But I don't think this is a tomb per se...its a hybernating Noah's Ark awaiting to be ressurected at the completion of the planet's terraforming proccess.

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