Guy Pearce is the Old Man?

Started by Promethean Fire, Dec 28, 2011, 02:24:32 PM

Guy Pearce is the Old Man? (Read 932 times)

Promethean Fire

Promethean Fire

Here's something to speculate on.  Guy Pearce is given third billing, a character of presumably some importance although Pearce himself has said he's not in the film that much.  His character's absence through any form of publicity thus far is intruiging.

Unless of course, he is buried under old age makeup?  The man from the trailer who we see in the wheelchair and during the airlock shootout, could this be Guy Pearce?  What if he was the mission commander but due to some problem with his hypersleep capsule, he ages during the ship's journey to wherever they are going?  Which brings us to the secret of the ooze :p.  The contents of the urn can manipulate one's DNA so that Pearce's character can somehow de-age himself?  Possibly with horrendous side effects? 

This also leads to other interesting concepts with DNA manipulation.  What if Noomi's character (or lover, Holloway) is infertile.  The primordial goo from the urn fixes this, but not in the way we expect...

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