Concept Artist Daniel Burns Shares Unseen Alien: Paradise Lost Concept Art!

Started by Still Collating..., Apr 26, 2024, 11:25:59 AM

Concept Artist Daniel Burns Shares Unseen Alien: Paradise Lost Concept Art! (Read 2,896 times)

David 9

Oh what we could have had! I wonder if that xeno is the one chasing the Jockeys in Prometheus


the Alien pic on his website has a banner that's almost greyed out on the top left, but it says "xenomorph/deacon hybrid"



I need more of this!

Immortan Jonesy


hope this version of the script leaks one day

Immortan Jonesy

That would be beyond nice😌🙏


Spoilered because of plot details from the Alien RPG, which people might want to play without plot details being revealed.

As noted earlier in the thread, the concept art has imagery very similar to the vision that a Fulfremmen imparts during the Heart of Darkness Alien RPG scenario.

The RPG is really good at canon welding, and using material from Alien franchise media, including unused concept material. I'm thinking out loud here, but is it possible that the Prometheus saga would have concluded with something akin to the Fulfremmen and the Proto-Hives from the RPG, and that Shaw's fate in Covenant implies she might have been in the process of "Perfection".


These concept arts are beautiful! I'd want a sequel for their beauty alone You can't deny that shifting from spaceships/usual corridors to this is kind of refreshing.

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