Alien Covenant - The unlikeable character(s)

Started by Inverse Effect, Oct 18, 2021, 07:50:04 PM

Alien Covenant - The unlikeable character(s) (Read 9,810 times)

David Weyland

David Weyland

Although a poor comparison I think you'll get what I mean- Prometheus feels to me more like Alien and both have more British actors

Whereas Covenant is like Aliens and both have a more American ensemble

Not that it makes a difference to me somebody's nationality but to me it echoes a kind of an inflection of the two prequels respectively imitating vibes separately of the first two films as a result

Re Covenant , It is not that I found I didn't like any of the characters the problem there is the stilted TV show dialogue.


Who is truly likeable apart from Tennessee and Shaw ? I don't mean just ok, I mean really likeable ?

Inverse Effect

Inverse Effect

Quote from: BigDaddyJohn on Nov 25, 2021, 04:23:22 PM
Who is truly likeable apart from Tennessee and Shaw ? I don't mean just ok, I mean really likeable ?

Nobody, Because all of their names were inrevelevent to the plot, since the characters had little to no screen time. And were just nameless fodder. Hated all of the characters apart from the main three. And literally all those are the ones you cares about. Wished they just stuck to a crew of 6 or so people.

Okay.. Maybe not unlikeable. Just forgettable and generic fodder because they lacked any identity. Literally the only 3 i can recall are Tennessee, David/Walter and Daniels(Which gave me Strong Ripley Vibes)


Yeah I forgot about Walter. But indeed, apart from those 3, nada.


You could say the same for many of the Alien movies that DON'T focus on Alien size crews.  Which is like the rest of them. 

People remember the final Marines in Aliens more than the whole cast because they were given more screen time.  You'll notice aside from early meme action that nobody nowadays really talks about Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Crowe, Frost, Drake or Weirzbowski when compared to Hudson, Hicks, Vasquez, and Gorman.  Simply because the latter had WAY more screen time.  I'd say only Al Matthews spot on performance as a senior NCO is the only exception out of that movie.  Same with the Betty crew vs the Auriga crew.  Or anybody not named Ripley, Bishop, Clemens, Dillon, 85, or Morse in Alien 3.

I think the writers of the films just need to realize that nobody really cares if nobodies get merc'd its only when you can actually connect with and relate to characters do people actually give a damn whether they live or die in a drama/action/horror sci fi series. 

That is why I feel the marriage dynamic was wasted in Covenant.  If it wasn't said in passing expository dialogue, I probably wouldn't have even noticed.  It could have been used for more emotional depth to make the deaths feel like a kick in the nuts, instead it just seemed like coworkers upset other crewmembers were dying but they'd get over it if they made it out. 



You want to see unlikable acting and dialogue? Watch AppleTV's Invasion. Makes AC characters look like they deserve an oscar.
and it seems you all are comparing Apples to Apples anyway, the AC dialogue wasn't extraneous or far fetched. I don't suppose you know any magnificent dialogue coming from space truckers colonizing planets in any recent film or tv shows do you?
At least the director didn't hire a bunch of 80s has been tv stars and B movie class actors whom apparently never worked again. Not to mention a child actress that quit the business.
-just like that guy name James Cameron in 1986


I'll definitely take Apone, Vasquez, Hudson, Hicks and Gorman over any Tennessee, Walter and Daniels. Any f**king day, no hesitation.

Immortan Jonesy

Quote from: Kimarhi on Oct 21, 2021, 01:41:37 AM
David is easily the best idea developed in the prequels.  His interaction with Walter were the best scenes in the those two films.

He definitely deserves his own Disney villain death.

City Hunter Yautja

Oram gets my pick. He refuses to allow the mourning of the Captain (James Franco), making the crew disobey him. He decides to visit Planet 4 against his First Mate's objections. He sticks his face in an egg after seeing how untrustworthy David is and that he admires these monsters who kill people.

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