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PROMETHEUS and COVENANT (Chaos Editions) - OUT NOW (Read 77,468 times)

Corporal Hicks

I prefer the CGI version as it looks noticeably more related to the Alien than the practical mutant did. Just reinforces the whole accelerant = kinda-xeno creature.

Downloading now. Looking forward to watching later.  :)

MU-TH-UR 6000

Quote from: HybridNewborn on May 21, 2018, 04:50:32 AM
Quote from: Scorpio on May 20, 2018, 09:42:08 PMThe practical Fifield looks much better than ADHD Gollum. 
Additionally, the mutated Fifield brings a sense of cohesion to the creatures of the film that practical Fifield lacks. It goes from a space zombie attack to another in the line of strange milky white abominations spawned via black goo infection, like the hammerpeed and the trilobite.

Same. Kinda wish they finished the sound design on that alternate scene though. Maybe I'll try it out one of these days. Hell, if I have the time and patience, I might try a cut of the movies myself. There's too much crap I want out to improve the experience, for instance, the Scotland scene shouldn't be in at all. You have the exact same scene during the brief in Prometheus. Plus, I get all itchy with Earth scenes on an Alien movie.


Yeah that scene is unnecessary.  I think that was added during reshoots.


Cant wait to download both of these :)


Finally have the bandwidth time to sit down and get these onto the computer. Looking forward to watching them :)


I skimmed through covenant and the addition of first half of the crossing begs to have the entire 12 minute sequence to be reinstated. It still baffles me why Fox didn't add that entire sequence as a deleted scene.


Just finished watching the Prometheus cut. Thank you for putting so much effort into the both of these, must have been very time consuming and it is appreciated. It's the best cut of Prometheus I've seen so far.

Only had a couple of minor problems such as using the alternate opening scene with multiple Engineers. Always thought the lone Engineer was more mysterious. Not to mention we can't understand the Elders dialogue so it seemed unnecessary to me to include it, also its weird that the ship takes off leaving those other guys there.

Milburns extended dialogue about his numb fingers was distracting because his accent is completely different, didn't think the dialogue was interesting/important enough to make it worth including.

Lastly I missed the Engineer speaks deleted scene. That's pretty much it though for gripes and that's just down to personal preference.

I did notice my video was stuttering a tiny bit? Was wondering if this is because you exported it at 30fps rather than 24? Only minor again but I didn't think the movement of the video was as smooth as it could have been, not quite sure what the issue was but don't think it was my laptop.

Overall great work, was a completely different experience compared to the other times I'd seen it. Will be watching Covenant later this week. :D


For those who plan to download the Chaos Editions, but haven't yet, I've revoked access to download them because I need to fix an issue some people are having with the films' frame rate.

You can still stream these version from Google Drive for the time being, but until I get the new versions uploaded to Google Drive and MEGA, that's the only option to see them at this point.

If you've already downloaded these, you may end up wanting to download them again for a flawless experience.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I can't blame you if you don't want to download them again since they are large files.


Was gonna download them in the next couple of weeks so this works out

Stompy the Perfect Xeno

Stompy the Perfect Xeno

No thanks. Let's leave the disrespect at the door.


Quote from: Stompy the Perfect Xeno on May 29, 2018, 12:05:13 PM
No thanks. Let's leave the disrespect at the door.


This was no disrespect for fan videos. It was only for comedy. Those three are actually the true heroes of Prometheus.


Really enjoyed both of these interpretations.  Both movies substantially benefit from the material reinserted.  'PROMETHEUS' certainly feels more complete of the 2. 

I only have one criticism, I felt the shot wehre we are introduced to the Covenant - the shot documenting the ship, where its headed, number of crew, colonists etc. - could be moved forward and inserted right before the Last Supper content.  I think that would help bring that scene into the movie better.  There's a shot of the Covenant exterior when the Last Supper starts.  Maybe swap the 2 exterior shots around? 

Otherwise, I really enjoyed both of these edits.  Great job!  Thanks for all the effort.


The Old One

The Old One

The Last Supper is probably the only bit of viral material that I genuinely can't stand, it's so cringy and awful. Less Jacob Branson is a good thing tbh too.

I still appreciate the effort on these fanedits but otherwise I completely agree with Rhubarb Leaves criticisms. After seeing Black Mirror's White Christmas and Michael Fassbender's Macbeth performance the wasted potential of Sean Harris and Rafe Spall irritates me even more unfortunately.


Their performances were good - but the material they had to deal with was very sloppy.


David Weyland

David Weyland

After watching both, The Prometheus Chaos Edition is the best now out there in terms of a concise definitive extended cut taking the crown from the same fancut maker of the Workprint edition

The Alien Covenant Chaos cut is overall excellent and is comprehensive by including nearly all the extras in the right places but there are elements of the best fancut previously until now, the Evanus Edit that in my opinion are done slightly better; like the touches of 'Meet Walter' to portray David's birth at the start, the very powerful but quiet close up of David & the sound of the wind as he's about to drop the black goo just before the Alien Covenant credits is outstanding and some of the music(Nice homage but I don't like the Chaos end credit theme tune,sorry) was done better in the Evanus edit like the greater inclusion of the Life track from Prometheus strengthened atmospherically the story arc's roots from the previous film. The Evanus edit has a strange but colder emotional punch somehow worth looking at.

But that aside The Chaos edition is on the road to being the best-Although lengthy, the addition of Phobos, the Last Supper and the crew messages to home (All not in the Evanus edit) are while very slightly clunky, they are in the right place & add massively to both an epic feel by the end & a greater depth & bond to the crew-Well done Coalesced Chaos and Thank you, I hope you aren't annoyed by some of my points coz you've done great but that's what I'd look at if you ever re edit it. Respect ✊

Corporal Hicks

I watched the first hour and a bit of Covenant last night but had to turn it off as it was getting late.  I was surprised at how much runtime the virals added to it and don't think it would have worked great in theaters but as a fan edit, watching it at home, I thought they actually really added a lot to the over-all experience. I thought it really gave a better sense of character and worked to build up towards the disaster.

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