Space Jockey........Engineer or something else?

Started by palerider, Jun 26, 2017, 04:56:42 PM

Space Jockey........Engineer or something else? (Read 31,323 times)


Hopefully we are going to meet the good old Jockey  once again  if there will be a third movie.   

Checking the below photo

The guy is huge. I don't think its an engineer nor David, as some has predicted .Is it another species ? The ones above the engineers? Is that his outfit or his skin ?


The engineers are a retcon of the space jockey. If it's going to be anything other than that, I'd want the jockey to be inseparable from the ship (as was frequently depicted in Giger's artwork.)


Just a really tall engineer, probably.
(Or it's David after he does experiments on himself. who knows.)

Ridley wanted the engineers to be THAT big in Prometheus.
but with the rewrites on that project, the Engineer started having a bigger part in the story
so Ridley "scaled him down" so that the character could be played believably by a man in a suit.


And dont forget the backpack, its not a chair its a huge backpack!!


Hopefully we get some engineers close to that size in the next one.


Depends on what picture you use though, when its not a child in a suit and actually the actor, the size difference isn't so big.



It's either an Engineer or a human or a result of David's tinkering in that suit. It's not an alien thing and it's not going back to that, ever, unless someone retcons it back in the future.


Quote from: Omegamorph on Jun 26, 2017, 09:13:04 PM
It's not an alien thing and it's not going back to that, ever, unless someone retcons it back in the future.

We were the aliens all along, bro.
We were the aliens.


The engineers are still big, The makers have stated that they stand at 9 feet. Some scenes in Prometheus he looks this big and others he looks smaller to me. I don't have a problem with their size really. :)


The thing in the chair looks more like 15 feet tall and it clearly has an animal-looking face.

David asks who created the engineers in the opening of Covenant.  Maybe this was a hint...

I think it would be cool to have a 15-foot, elephant-faced creature show up and have some engineers in the scene bow down to it.

This would reveal that this 15-foot species created the engineers and the engineer space suits are just modeled after them.

David -8

 I really think it was the way intent that the Jockey was a giant ancient being,as were the eggs and The Alien.

it will be hard to do that if David is now the creator of the Alien.The original Alien was more about  a nighmarish creature and it's mystery.

The sequel did away with the alien nature of it and made it more like a firmiliar ant hive.

For the prequels they had to reinvent the whole franchise to keep it fresh,now deling with creating and religion instead..
So they had to obviously rethink a few things from the past to make this somehow work.

But i think it can work.
The jockey was not a fossil ,more of a mummy .
Fossils are mineralized remnants of organic beings ,mummies are the preserved remnants of them.
I think they chose to go this route,More mummy than fossil.

When David bombed the city,the inhabitants were mummified ,just like the ones in Prometheus.
You would imagine the bio suits would be a defense against the goo,but both the suited up jockeys and the ones in robes were  mummified.
The Alien jockey and the ones in The Prometheus installation were both petrified,and had holes in their chests.(dont remember if the Paradise ones had the holes) So it would be safe to say a similar thing happened to them.(contact with the pathogen?)
So its not that hard to imagine that they are the same beings and had similar ends.
And as for the size,well they can genetically modify life ,why not themselves?
And why cant they vary in size naturally as humans can?

All in all,i dont is think its a huge deal about the size ,when everything else somewhat matches up.


The Space Jockey in Alien was a good 15ft tall, and clearly wasn't a white albino guy in a suit. Pretty sure Ridley would like us to ignore that though... :)





This is the thing for me, I can buy into Scotts engineer in a suit idea but that thing in Alien and the one in Prometheus look different. Like bone vs metal, different.

Another thing, we don't even know if the space jockey in Alien even has legs; it could be space tentacles under there.


Quote from: Rankles75 on Jun 26, 2017, 11:11:23 PM
The Space Jockey in Alien was a good 15ft tall
Quote from: 426Buddy on Jun 26, 2017, 06:08:46 PM
Depends on what picture you use though, when its not a child in a suit and its actually the actor with the jockey, the size difference isn't so big.

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