Prometheus: DNA/Virus - The Christmas Lecture!

Started by 180924609, Dec 18, 2012, 10:19:21 PM

Prometheus: DNA/Virus - The Christmas Lecture! (Read 1,073 times)



If you get bored over the Christmas holidays and fancy an hour of something Prometheus-related with real science and DNA then I thoroughly recommend watching this:

Secret Universe - The Hidden Life Of the Cell

An incredible visual documentary narrated by Doctor Who David Tennant, shown here in the UK in October 2012, about the world of the cell, DNA and the ever present threat of the virus.

Of particular note is the cell's internal 'power station' component (a.k.a. organelle):

The Mitochondrion.

It's freak occurrence 2 billion years after the emergence of simple single-cell organisms is directly responsible for the existence of all Complex Life. Without it, the world would be an almost sterile desert. Check out @23:00.


I'll definitely watch it :)

From memory (and if I'm right), up to now, making a perfect clone of an animal is impossible due to mitochondrial DNA.


Seriously intriguing... Wish I'd had access to something like that, back in the late nineties, when I was studying human biology.


This is the first time I saw those motor protein legs that walk inside our cells. I never heard anything about them in my biology classes.
Thanks for the video.

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