HIDEOUS PLASTIC - YouTubers, FaceBook Veterans Needed to Spread the Word.

Started by windebieste, Jan 18, 2017, 02:28:45 AM

HIDEOUS PLASTIC - YouTubers, FaceBook Veterans Needed to Spread the Word. (Read 12,207 times)


Fingers crossed for you Winde, I'm letting people know about this every chance I get.


YEAH, BABY!  Thank you.



KickStarter have introduced the ability for people without accounts to make pledges for Projects.  "...people can now back projects without creating a Kickstarter account. This means more people will have the opportunity to support and connect with your project."

This is great news as it means anyone who wants to make a pledge can do so without having to sign up for an account.  Just make a pledge as a Guest.   Done.

Above is  the only print copy of HIDEOUS PLASTIC - In stores everyone can hear you scream. currently in existence.  KickStarter has just made it easier for you to change that.  There's 10 days left for the KickStarter campaign before it ends on April 29 and it's all up to you now.



The KickStarter campaign for this book is now closed. It was not successful in raising the necessary funds.  While this is a disappointing result financially for the Project, I'm only treating it as a setback that delays the book's inevitable release.

You can read the post mortem on the KickStarter campaign.

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign with a pledge - we aint done yet.   Not by a long shot. ;D


Le Celticant


Wow, I'm surprised there wasn't an option to collect the fund even if it didn't reach the maximum goal.
Doesn't kickstarter has such option and you have to force to set a minimum wage?

Much luck for the following of the project, finger crossed  ;)


Unfortunately, KickStarter is an 'All or nothing' deal. 

On the other hand, I do know I can raise $5000 with relative ease.

We'll get there... We always do.  ;)


Corporal Hicks

Sorry to hear, Winde. Glad you've got other options open for you though!


It's not really a problem - only if I think of it as such.  There's been no loss on my part.  I still have the book in a safe place.  I still have all the infrastructure in place to publish it.  I have the support - from more than just good folk who backed the campaign.  I just lack the funding necessary to make the next steps. 

Certainly, the KickStarter campaign was a great promotional and awareness raising exercise, so there's those benefits. 

We'll just celebrate later than anticipated - that's all.  ;)



Quote from: Le Celticant on Apr 30, 2017, 02:15:26 PM
Wow, I'm surprised there wasn't an option to collect the fund even if it didn't reach the maximum goal.

I think they do that as a safe guard so scammers can't take a heap of money midway through, or something.

But it sucks to hear it didn't reach the goal, Winde. I don't have much to contribute but I'm rooting (:P) for your success.


Thank you.  Yeah, unfortunately, that's how KickStarter works. 

Mind you, it's not over yet.  Not by a long shot.  Right now, I'm still adding a few things to the book.  I added the recently released Super7 'ALIENS' Warrior, Classic Toy Edition to it recently.  That item has at least 6 pages devoted to it now. 

The book is set up to go to the next phase, though.  The editing, and type setting is all organised.  Printing is organised. Distribution... It's all ready to go.  I still have about 6 months worth of work no matter what and KickStarter would have made it all easier, but it's definitely still happening.  It's just going at the same pace prior to the campaign.  In this regard nothing has changed.   That's a good thing.  The only difference is it won't be released by Christmas, 2017, that's all.

I may have another crack at KickStarter at a later date.  Until then, I'll put some savings behind the Project to reduce the necessary Target Goal and use the crowd funding service to close the reduced gap rather than fund it entirely.  That will take time for me to save up,  that's all.

In the meantime, I'm keeping the website ticking over with various News items and reviews of various 'ALIEN' action figures.  I'm hoping to post a review once a week - well that's the target, anyway.  Keeping the website live and maintaining traffic is important now.  It's a kind of awkward time for me - a failed KickStarter campaign can be mistaken perceived as a failed Project.  That's just not the case but I've got to maintain an online presence with regular updates.

I'll be posting a review of the older 2004 SEGA figure sometime soon.  It's an older item I've owned for a long time and worth posting about.  ...plus I have a couple of other items I want to review.  ...and then there's all the new 'Covenant' stuff coming out very soon.  Content wise, the site is good.  :)


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