Renny Harlin talks original Alien 3 pitch

Started by Acid_Reign161, Jun 14, 2024, 12:17:25 AM

Renny Harlin talks original Alien 3 pitch (Read 427 times)


Interview with Renny Harlin that went under the radar last month;



I saw this doing the rounds.  Thought it was on here but maybe it was Facebook.

It was interesting that both Red and Ward had stuff with Aliens in fields.


I also read this a couple of weeks ago.

Although I try hard to appreciate the works of fellow countryman director, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Renny Harlin. With that said, I'm glad Renny Harlin didn't get to make an Alien movie, no matter how good the idea was.


I like some of his movies, but I don't trust him one bit for an Alien project.


You can't trust anyone anymore.
We already had enough loudmouths.
But sometimes it's the directors who you don't really trust, but who ultimately do something good.
Would you have thought that Peter Jackson would do it as well as he did with L.o.t.R?

Often the studio or the producers are the big problem.
See Fincher.


Yes. Despite coming from splatter Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh made Heavenly Creatures so I would trust them.


and a bit of twohy's pov about possibly working with renny

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