Question about Whedon's "Alien 5" script

Started by Madmax79818515, Jul 08, 2021, 01:08:09 AM

Question about Whedon's "Alien 5" script (Read 9,526 times)


Hi all. Not sure if anyone recalls this... But not long after the release of Resurrection, around early 1998, I remember seeing a 1-2 page excerpt from Whedon's A5 script posted to a couple of film news sites, including Dark Horizons.

It was on Earth, supposedly after the aliens wiped out most of humanity, Bishop was involved (real or android, I don't remember) and he was meeting with Ripley 8 and the other 3 survivors from Resurrection.

The first words out of Bishop's mouth were along the lines of "The earth was lost. It was lost as soon as the first specimen reached the surface."

They talked about a few other things, I think where Bishop had been all this time and it having something to do with the people who built Call. Then at the end, they decided they were going to nuke the Earth from orbit and it ended with Ripley saying "It's the only way to be sure."

Does anyone remember this? I'm curious if anything else had leaked from this script. Supposedly the novel Aliens: Original Sin is based off it right? Does Bishop appear in that as well?

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