Anybody ever come across the Alien: Earthbound script?

Started by Kimarhi, Jan 20, 2008, 01:47:01 AM

Anybody ever come across the Alien: Earthbound script? (Read 2,922 times)


By Stuart Hazeldine?

Be interested in giving it the once over since its supposedly the spiritual successor to Aliens in that it follows the second film's formula AND negates Alien 3 and Alien Res.

While technically an Alien five it was meant to be Alien 3.  I'm interested why Fox was interested in it because I think that idea is horrible.  It makes me curious at what they saw there.

Is it under wraps in fox's possession or has anybody read it?  Can't find anything but disassociated links on google.


Im confused. Was this written after Resurection as a restart instead of alien 3 or was it one of the millions of alternative A3 scripts from the 1990s?


It was written to be the fourth alien movie, from which I understand, Alien 3 never happened.

Corporal Hicks

I've never actually hard of this? Got more info?


QuoteStuart Hazeldine speaks about his proposed storyline:

"It's called EARTHBOUND. There is a short 14-page version and a full-scale 92-page version that's half-treatment and half-novella. A full screenplay in long-hand.

"It follows on directly from ALIEN III and Ripley is in the lead again. I have brought her back via DNA cloning too but taken a different emphasis to Joss Whedon - he's talked about alien queen DNA inside her, I've concentrated on the memory side of things - is she a completely new person, or does she recall...?

"It features a few old characters from the series plus a couple of new ones. Bishop's twin features heavily, as does a major female role to co-star alongside Ripley. If you're thinking it's Newt, you're wrong. And if you think it's Ripley's daughter you're wrong too. But you might be close...

"The U.S. Colonial Marines are heavily involved again. We all love 'em.

"We encounter a new and spectacularly creepy race of aliens.

"The plot brings the story back to earth without losing the claustrophobia of the series or ballooning the budget. In fact, the whole plot of the movie revolves around a desperate military attempt to stop the aliens reaching earth which, as we all know, would be 'the end of all life as we know it!' It's a race against the clock movie at heart with loads of action and a female-based emotional core that I think picks up and develops further what was left off between Ripley and Newt in ALIENS."


Aliens Dissected author wrong again.


I can't wait to see how many more mistakes he made in the latest edition.


Did anything ever come of this? Maybe we could reach out to Stuart and get his input.

It would be nice to hear about another 'what could've been'.


It sounds... absolutely abysmal 🤣

Corporal Hicks

Scified actually published something on this a few years back.

The writer reached out to both of us and unfortunately I didn't respond in time for it to be published here.

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