Marvel's Predator (Volume 1) - Predator: Day of the Hunter

Started by Nightmare Asylum, Mar 18, 2021, 06:30:03 PM

Marvel's Predator (Volume 1) - Predator: Day of the Hunter (Read 67,855 times)


Spot on with the gifs as usual Voodoo

Local Trouble

Where are the folds? ???


Can't find them either. These Crabators don't look right

Local Trouble

Local Trouble

Would you say that ADI refined the design to perfection?


So its not an April Fools Then. Typical



Quote from: Local Trouble on Apr 02, 2021, 08:48:42 PM
Would you say that ADI refined their designed to perfection?

Well, yeah, sure

I don't think these posted above were designed by ADI though. As I've heard job was done by some KGB company rulled by Wan Stinston



More time to make it better!

Voodoo Magic

Quote from: HumanPredator on Apr 06, 2021, 11:47:35 AM
More time to make it better!

If this was coming out in June I have to assume at least one issue was completed. So I doubt changes would be made unless the output was somehow extremely poor (but with the talent involved, I would severely doubt that.)

I just hope this delay doesn't interfere with Kev Walker's art assignment on this book. Artists have to eat. They have to constantly land new gigs. And I've been very excited that Kev Walker landed artwork duties on this book. Have you googled his work? His artwork is majestic! :o

Corporal Hicks

Anything in particular that stands out?

Voodoo Magic

Yes, Walker's work for Magic the Gathering for starters, that he colored himself with acrylic paints.

Walker has also both penciled and painted comic stories:

Some non painted traditional work for Star Wars:

Now I don't recollect Marvel announcing a colorist, so how cool would it be if Kev Walker was painting these Predator comics! Or this extra time allowed him to do it!  Now THAT would just be music to my ears!!!

Voodoo Magic


I adore the texture of the hand made.


Jim and John Thomas are suing Disney for the rights to Predator.

Voodoo Magic

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